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ok, i was toying around with this and i got this chapter,,

Why founded: Strategic Prognostication

when:33rd Millennium

Progenitor:Iron Hands

Purity: Pure

Demeanour: Iron and hate

Hero: Secondard:

Chapter Master (Note: lets make him a Black Templar High marshel)

Deed: Enemy of Chaos

Homeworld: Feral World, Airless :dunno: (see bellow)

Rule: Stewarship,

Orgnization:Divergent Chapter


Special Equipment: Traditional weapons: Bolter

Belief: The Emperor Above All


Friends: Adeptus Astartes Chapter

enemys:Chaos-aligned Group (Frends and enemys both fit nicely with deed of legand and chapter hero)

OK, a feral airless world,,, give me a moment,,,

got it.

the homeworld is a large airless rock riddled with millions of miles of tunnels and former hab complexs from when the place was colonized that riddle and go though the whole planet.

as time went out the secerets to keeping ancient life support machines running was lost to all but the highest levels of socity and eventully knowlege and the skill of knowing how to read was only passed down among the nobles, leaveing the rest of the population nothing but rummors and storys so the rest of the populaton devolved to a roughly feudal level.

The nobles keep the machines that allow life to exist within hab complexs and large population centers under the surfuce running, and the nobles really agree on and battles between themselves are common with armys drafted among the commoners (every one else) who existices and lives are depened on the noble taking care of the machines.

Water comes from vast under water lakes were it has percolate after going though miles of rock and stone. food (and oxegen, not that any one but the nobles knows it) come green alges grown in biodomes on the surfuce and those nobles with direct sunlight have a strong power bases.

Often nobles that have surfuce biodomes under them have other nobles fuedally indenchered under them as they provide them food and they give soliders and other supplys.

If a biodome suffers a castrophic pressure breach for any reason, the air locks automaticly shut in a less then a second, but then always exactly 43 weeks after the loss the air locks open and the dome is reborn, awaiting a new noble to placate is spirit and new people to live and tend it's farms, and if for any reason the domes loss can be blamed upon a mortal, the Avengers of the lost walk from the air locks upon the 43 week.

Faceless beings with armor the colour of black, souless iron, edge and lined with steel the colour of metal fresh from a forge, they march, how ever far it is, how ever long it takes to the perpitrator, no matter how long and no mater far, and destroy him, all who stand before them, die. they never speak, never stop and never notice the people around them, unless they tryed to stop them.

there wapons spit fire and destroy all who stand before them, and when the blood toll for the losse of the sacrid dome payed in full, they dispear in a flash of light.

well, i made the airless feral thing work,, still needs some fleshing out i think, some changes but genearlly passable.

I guess with a little work you can make ANY thing work.

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I wrote a bit on a chapter years ago, about 11 years now. Its called the Storm Guard. Its story has been rewritten and I will post it in greater detail as soon as can!

Standing force; created to safeguard an area
Founded in the 38th millennium

Altered stock; disturbing voice

swift as the wind

Scout Valeris, tactical marine, 7th squad 5th company, Imperial Glory
Chapter master Davion, ork’s bane

Creya; Medieval world, Jungle and wasteland
Distant rule
Unique Organisation

Stealth/armoured assault (I added armoured assault because I just love tanks..)

Special vehicle and traditional weapon

Currently under strength

Allies; Navigators, imperial navy
Enemies; Chaos space marines (Black Legion and Death Guard)

I currently have no idea what special vehicle or traditional weapon I could use.. Any advice chums? =3

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Early in its history the Storm Guard was a fleet based chapter, crusading from its origin near the galactic core and assisting Navy fleets and Imperial Guard armies’ pacification and anti-pirate operations. While en-route they assisted in fighting off several threats including dark Eldar raiders, chaos marauders and small scale Ork Waaaghs. They gained a reputation of even-handedness and compassion among the people, Navy and the Guard. They also earned a reputation of honour and integrity among some space marine chapters including the Salamanders, Ultramarines, Crimson fists and Black Templars. Their part in saving a planet housing a large Navis Nobilite school earned them the eternal gratitude of the Navigators. Thus their ships are often directed by skilled and experienced navigators, enhancing the mobility of their forces. The chapter gained renown for its good deeds, but these were but drops in the ocean compared to the good done by other chapters over the time of their existence. The Storm Guard was honoured but remained humble, for it is easy to remain humble being so exposed to chapters as ancient as the Ultramarines, Salamanders and Imperial fists or so renowned as the Sons of Orar, Black Consuls, Sable Swords and the Novamarines.

Their crusade across the stars continued for 800 years until an area recently cut off from regular warp travel called the Maelum Cor region was re-discovered by an imperial exploratory group. The Storm Guard were the closest Chapter to the region and were sent to bring it under Imperial control. Here they found a region rife with Ork empires as well as many chaos war bands, mostly of the Death Guard and Black Legion. Under the leadership of the then Chapter Master Davion the war bands were pushed back to the local “Dark Heart” anomaly and a mighty 11 year crusade began against the local Ork Empire of Warlord Gakspitt. They were eventually victorious and 15 new systems were integrated into the imperium. Most of the Chapters involved in this were space borne chapters and were given planets as a reward for their services.

In the early 41st millennium the forces of chaos invaded the Gothic sector. At the same time several chaos war bands began plaguing areas near the Maelum Cor region. Having despatched most of its forces to fight other wars the chapter was weakened, reduced to just 270 marines when all hell broke loose.

Their bloodthirsty allies, the Brotherhood of Tarnus, proved to have been corrupted in their long war against chaos. The Storm Guard sent messages to the nearby realms including Ultramar as well as recalling their other forces and organised rapidly, sending 2 companies to defend the key world in the region; Peylon.

On Peylon their forces joined with the imperial Navy forces to defend the verdant agriworld. The invading fleets destroyed much of the loyalist forces and scattered the rest, paving the way for their orbital invasion. The ancient star fortress that had acted as the Storm Guard’s chapter monastery for centuries destroyed many chaos ships before finally succumbing to its wounds. On the ground over 200 Space Marines of the Storm Guard stood shoulder to shoulder with the brave men and women of the Peylon PDF. They fought a desperate battle against the invading traitor forces. Finally, after days of fighting, the city was breached by the dark sorcery of Ectelion. Chaotic forces flooded in and the marines of the Storm Guard were helpless to stop them. Most of their marines were overwhelmed in the first day of fighting. Brotherhood assault marines penetrated deep into the city, killing and maiming as they went. Chapter Master Ghellin led the chapter honour guard in a counterattack to push their foes out of the city. While they fought well they were inevitably all killed and Ghellin himself was struck down by Ectelion’s daemonblade. However, maimed and wounded as he was, he managed to summon one final burst of strength and kill Ectelion before he died. The death of their leader threw the defenders into disarray and command was passed to Chief Librarian Sarnathal. He ordered the surviving Storm Guard and PDF to retreat out of the city to the western mountains.

Sarnathal had saved only a small portion of his forces and they retreated to the western mountains. Isolated and with only about a fifth of his marines remaining he opted for a change in tactics, opting for ambush and guerrilla warfare. Unknown to them it was not this but the death of the leader Ectelion that threw the traitors into disarray. Ectelion had been blessed as a powerful and unifying orator and without him the leaders of the three main chaos marine war bands came to loggerheads. The Brotherhood of Tarnus recommenced their attacks on Peylon’s other cities and began to bombard the mountains sheltering the remaining Loyalists. Sarnathal’s men took shelter from the orbital strikes, hiding like rats from a foe that had them beaten.

Within moments of the bombardment starting dozens ships translated into system bearing with them the 6 companies of the Steel Dragons chapter along with the Silver knife. The rapid deployment of over 600 space marines to the ground battle drove the traitors back to their drop ships, but not without taking tremendous casualties. Likewise the battle in space was short and dominated by the Loyalist forces. Few of the traitor’s ships escaped unscathed, using the warp storm of the dark heart to protect themselves from the loyalist’s fury.

This war reduced three once proud chapters to mere shadows of their former selves. The Storm Guard was reduced to a meagre 352 marines and they lost both their fortress monasteries as their stores of gene-seed. The Sons of Kopaka were reduced to 31 marines and almost no hope of recovery. Furthermore the loyalty and purity of the surviving chapters has been questioned much since their erstwhile allies turned their back on the Imperium. The Inquisition has implemented a lockdown, imprisoning many of the Storm Guard and Sons of Kopaka with begrudging help from the Dragon Knights. As of now the fate of the Storm Guard looks uncertain. Only time will tell whether the Inquisition will leave them or eliminate them.

The Chapter was originally organised into the codex 10 companies. This changed quickly as the chapter began to deploy their fleet assets to different theatres of war, spreading their numbers very thinly. Possessing a large fleet with two battle barges they deployed marines to many different places; whenever a call went out for help the Storm Guard answered if they could. These ad-hoc companies became isolated from the main chapter, sometimes for years at a time and so came to identify themselves by which ship they were stationed on. This meant that the “companies” could easily be either above or below standard codex Space Marines strength. When the chapter was given control of Creya they kept this unique organisational structure.

Examples of the Storm Guard’s company names
Valeris Company: Named after a Veteran Scout who managed, with little to no resources, bring down a large enemy empire this company consists of scout neophytes and veteran scouts and is tenuously analogous to a 10th company. They were normally stationed on the Defence but deploy to battlefields where stealth and guile are most important.
Fury Company: Despite its name this company was led to glory by the very level headed Captain Roxas. They are skilled in siege craft and under Roxas’ tutelage they became the chapter’s experts in static defence. This company is based on the battle barge Sanctity of fury
Massarius Company: This Company was created just after foundation of the Fortress Monastery on Creya. Now with easy access to potential Neophytes the Storm Guard sought to once again have ten companies. This company consisted mostly of mechanised infantry and armour. Though it was only small at the time of the betrayal its warriors fought bravely on Peylon and many survived the battles.

Originally a space borne chapter the SG specialised in boarding actions and lightning raids using transporters, drop pods and high orbital insertions. Their chapter’s unique organisation led to an attitude of independence of the whole that led to their current way of war. The squads of the SG are trained think for themselves but work as a unit. They prize adaptability and organisation in their leadership and frown on the foolhardy heroics that so often get the erstwhile hero killed or maimed. As such until the recent wars where their mobility was seriously compromised their casualties were extremely low (in a way explaining why they only had 3 dreadnoughts). They believe in a precise application of force, using the minimum force necessary to accomplish the maximal effect.

In addition to this they were skilled infiltrators and saboteurs, allowing them to further spread their forces and still have a great effect. They also possess a larger number of terminator armour suits (almost 50) than would be expected for such a young chapter. It is largely unknown how they came about such rare and valuable prizes.

One feature of the Storm Guard is the tendency of many Captains and high ranking marines leading from the rear or being involved in organising large numbers of troops such as Imperial Guard auxiliaries or Imperial Navy detachments. While any marine can swing a chainsword or fire a bolter it takes decades or centuries of experience to coordinate these troops for maximum effect.

Gene seed
The gene seed of this Chapter is an enigma, supposedly derived from the gene-seed of the Salamanders. While many do exhibit the same slightly slower reflexes that are indicative of the salamanders, none have thus far developed any unusual skin tones (as happens in the Storm Giants chapter). However they appear to have other additional mutations in their gene-seed. The Ossmodula of the chapter causes greater bone density, an aberrant calcification of the voice box and an altering of the skull’s shape. The result is a group of heavy set Space Marines that all look and sound very similar. Their voices are almost universally bass and monotone with an odd grating quality. However it is most noticeable in their battle cry; it booms like a violent thunderstorm. Despite these qualities the gene seed of the SG still seems to pass even the most stringent purity tests leading some to believe that there is some outside factor that causes the effects when combined with the gene seed or that perhaps someone or something out there has been protecting the SG. Who and for what purpose remains unknown….

Prior to their pacification of the Maleum Cor region the chapter was space bound and thus recruited from a far wider variety of planets. The chapter veterans are diverse in origin. This is not reflected in the recruits from their pacification when their recruits began to be drawn from a smaller number of planets. Finally all of the current neophytes and many of the more junior battle brothers have been recruited from the feudal high-G world of Creya. Creya’s deadly wastelands and even deadlier forests and the warring nature of the primitive kingdoms that were scattered all across the world made its people excellent recruits. The marines managed to insinuate themselves as emissaries of the god Emperor and have been recruiting from there ever since.

I understand that this takes place around 800 years before "now" in the 40k universe but I don't know, I find I like games set in times other than the "current". I may or may not write a ending to the tale of the Storm Guard, however I do like leaving things ambiguous. Perhaps their "mistreatment" at the hands of the Inquisition will drive them to chaos or rebellion. Perhaps they will finally be destroyed by invading chaos warbands, or reconstituting their numbers joining the fight for Cadia. Again, if anyone has any fun ideas or advice for my chapter then please tell me! :victory:

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So did a search and found this and decided to use it for my home made chapter which I've already done a test model for.

I also used the chapter name generator and after about 10 to 20 refreshes a name came up which although sounds a little weird, may just sum up the look of my chapter lol.

Why was the Chapter Founded: 7. Standing Force

When was the Chapter Founded: 53. 38th Millennium

Progenitor: 19. Ultramarines

Gene-Stock Purity: 6. A New Generation

Chapter Demeanour: 7. Suffer Not The Alien To Live

Who are the Chapter's heroes: 46. Chapter Master

Deeds of Legend: 82. Eldar Slayer

What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World: 26. Feral World

Home World Predominant Terrain: 1. Jungle

Relationship with Home World: 5. Distant Rule

How Closely Does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes: 6. Codex Chapter

Combat Doctrine: 2. Ranged Combat

Special Equipment: 50. Rare Weaponry

Chapter Beliefs: 41. The Emperor Above All

What is the current status of you Chapter: 3. Under Strength

Friends: 57. Astropaths

Enemies: 76. Daemon Prince/Daemon/Disciple of Chaos

Using Space Marine Chapter Name Generator-

Chapter Name: Purple Barons

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This is my resulting chapter using the Chapter Generator (I'm gonna be a bit more specific with my results).

Black Wolves(My Imagination)

One of the Standing Forces in the Ultima Segmentum

Chapter was founded in 877.450M36

Prognosticated from the Blood Angels

New Generation of Gene-Seed to eliminate both the Red Thirst, and the Black Rage.

Chapter is Fleet Based- Recruits from Jungle Hive Worlds, Desert Feral Worlds, Wasteland Death Worlds, and Urban Civilized Worlds.

Over-Strengthened (3000+ marines spread out from Badab to Valhalla to Attila) with 12 companies per fleet. (Two extra companies for Scout and Scout Bike squadrons).

(If I am understanding this category correctly) either 72% or 50% chance of Mutation- Mutated Catalepsean Node.

Swift as the Wind Codex Demeanor

Chapter Master Ortan Grimes(another name generator... sorry)

Enemy of Chaos: Khorne and his Daemons

In the year 314.998M38 the Black Wolves were summoned to the hive world of Badab V to assist the Ultramarines in quelling a civil war fueled by cultists of Chaos. The first chapter master, Cremor Shaan deployed the Black Wolves 3rd Company Veteran Guard led by Company Master Ortan Grimes, and the 1st Company Elite Honor Guard led by Chapter Master Cremor Shaan to assist the Ultramarines. As the Black Wolves were deployed via Drop Pods and Thunderhawks, A warpgate opened and thousands upon thousands of Daemons of Khorne flooded the battlefield being led by the Daemon Prince Hradnak Gal' Mulzehk. Shaan decided to split up the assault into two prongs: The left prong led by Shaan and the 1st Company Elite Honor Guard toward Hradnak and his forces, and the right prong led by Ortan Grimes and the 3rd Company Veteran Guard. The Ultramarines were swarmed by bloodletters and bloodthirsters alike, and the Ultramarines 5th company was nearly destroyed until Grimes charged the enemy and defeated them with only his powerfist and bolt pistol. Shaan; on the other hand, was battling the Daemon Prince Hradnak while his Elite Honor Guard held off and defended his position from other daemons trying to overwhelm them. Hradnak was being overwhelmed by Cremor Shaan's blows from his power sword, but as soon as Shaan was about to finish him off, Hradnak used his psychic powers to burn Shaan's mind and body and absorbed his soul. More powerful than before, Hradnak charged the Elite Honor Guard and took on 5 marines at once and killed them. When Ortan Grimes saw what happened, he flew into a furious rage and rallied his men and charged Hradnak's position. He and his squad of veterans fought through lines and lines of daemons, ever growing closer to Hradnak's position. When he reached his position, Ortan Grimes dropped his powerfist and picked up Cremor Shaan's power sword and combated The Daemon Prince. They duked it out between each other and while Ortan was able to disarm Hradnak, he was still overwhelmed by Hradnak's power and was pinned by the Daemon Prince's Foot. All seemed lost, but just as Hradnak was about to finish Grimes, Ortan shouted Hradnak's mortal name. Hradnak suddenly became disoriented as felt his chaotic powers drain from his body. Ortan stood up and beheaded Hradnak Gal' Mulzehk and truly slew him. All the remaining Daemons on the battlefield felt the shockwave of their leader's death and fled back into the warp. The Battle of Badab V was won, but at the price of The Chapter Master's Life. Ortan sought to give Shaan a warriors burial. Because of his deep respect for his Chapter Master, and the complete and total annihilation of the Daemon Prince and his forces, He was proclaimed Chapter Master of the Black Wolves.

They claim Stewardship over every recruiting world they control.

Divergent Chapter

Preferred Tactics: Lightning Strikes, Deep Strikes.

Modified Weaponry- Enhanced Power output on all power and energy weapons, all bolt weapons have enhanced firing mechanisms and heavy barrels for larger bolts and faster rate of fire, but accuracy decreases slightly.

Esoteric Beliefs: The Teachings of Vamus Romathon. The teachings of Vamus Romathon (First Chief Librarian of the Black Wolves), "Speed. Assault. Humiliate." This Credo is simply explained as the only way to win in battle is to antagonize the enemy until they attempt to strike, then hit them where they are weakest to guarantee their destruction. They still worship the Emperor of Mankind, but only after every victory do they praise him.

Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus

Enemy: Chaos Daemons of Khorne

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Reason for Founding: Crusade
Date of Founding: Unknown
Progenitor: Dark Angels
Gene-Stock Purity: Flawed
Chapter Demeanor: See, But Don't Be Seen
Gene-Seed Deficiencies: Positive (Oversensitive Occulobe/Doomed)
Chapter Flaws: Faith in Suspicion

Chapter Heroes:
(note: I elected to have all rolls on the deeds table reflect the chapter's founding as a Crusader chapter, and thusly all ranks are "X-Crusader, illustrating this. Also as the chapter is eventually doomed to die out, they have no standing 10th Company, all members long having since risen from the ranks of the Scouts.)

8th Company Captain-Crusader Theod Justinian (Crusade)
Chief Apothecary Gabriel Job (Warp Accident)

Chapter Worlds: (Fleet Based)
Ashist- Death World (Urban), Distant Rule (note: As the chapter is fleet-based they only ever descend to Ashist to recruit, and as they have lost the ability to replenish their ranks, they have failed to do so for many years.)

Organization: Unique (as a function of their status, this has been necessary)

Combat Doctrine: Ranged Combat

Special Equipment: Rare Weaponry, Totemic Charms

Here's what I came up with:

The Astral Guard were formed at the behest of the High Lords of Terra from gene-seed donated by the Dark Angels some time after the Heresy- yet from surviving records it is known that they were not a Second Founding successor. It is known that an absolute minimum of equipment was passed from the Dark Angels to their new offshoot, and this may have led to the later Astral Guard tendency to acquire new equipment wherever possible- as well as their later ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Astral Guard were raised from a once-Hive world called Ashist, during the Heresy a thriving, temperate area that managed to nearly attain self-sufficiency before the Legions invaded, Ashist was conquered by the Night Lords shortly after the Heresy broke out. During the subsequent Imperial advance, the Ultramarines were forced to bomb Ashist from orbit, breaching the primary hive cluster's reactor nexus and nearly cracking the planet in half. Ashist today is a barren, desert wasteland, the tops of crumbling hive spires and glassy plateaus from the orbital strikes the only things breaking the endless sands.

The people of Ashist are split into many tribal factions and groups, usually with some connection to the old hive hierarchy (Imperial census data indicates a possible tribe in the southern badlands which shares it's name with a sports team from around the time of the bombardment), though all fall under the name "Moonwalker". Most live in the ruins of the hives during the brutal daytime heat, and venture into the waste at night to salvage supplies or make war on neighboring tribes. Despite the deadly heat and radiation of their sun, the tribes worship it as "Emperor Sun", who banished the creatures native to Ashist so they might inhabit it for themselves. This is within the acceptable divergence from the mainline Imperial Cult, and Imperial priests and preachers visiting the world are often greeted with warm hospitality by the Moonwalkers, who see them as disciples of their god.

The Astral Guard were founded as a Crusade chapter, early records indicate the hope was that the Marines would take Ashist as their home and fortify surrounding areas in preparation to allow the Imperials a foothold in the war-torn sectors surrounding the world. However, despite Imperial pressure, the Dark Angels refused to allow the Astral Guard access to much of their fortification and fortress-monastery technology, leaving the new Chapter almost entirely spaceborne. Forming strong bonds with the Mechanicus as a result of this deficiency, the Astral Guard have a large proportion of technologically-inclined marines, if not outright Techmarines, and their spacefaring vessels are generally in better condition than other Chapters of similar status.

Early in their history Chief Apothecary Gabriel Job and most of the fleet attending to the apothecarium barge where the Astral Guard had historically performed their initiation rites was swallowed by the Warp Storm Horizon of Knives, leaving the chapter dramatically short on gene-seed. This was further exacerbated when the Horizon of Knives grew to engulf Ashist's single moon before abruptly burning itself out in late M40, taking the moon and the Astral Guard's medical flotilla along with it.

This coincided with the arrival of the Space Hulk Dark Wanderer, which unleashed Waaagh! Razzdakka onto Ashist. The Astral Guard 8th Company fought a guerrilla war among the ruins of the hives, allied with the local Moonwalker tribes in a desperate defense of their homeworld. The Dark Wanderer vanished from the system just as Astral Guard reinforcements from the crusade front arrived, including the chapter's few veteran units, only to find that Ashist's moon had returned after spending close to thirty years in the Warp. Sadly, the lost flotilla never re-appeared, and the "Dark Moon" still hangs in the sky over the world- and disturbingly, has been added to the mythos of Emperor Sun as a font of terrible power.

The remaining Orks were eradicated from the surface by the then Brother-Sergeant Theod Justinian, who was promoted to captain of the 8th company for his actions in securing the homeworld against overwhelming odds.

As the chapter began to rebuild, however, the deadliest blow was yet to come- altered and changed by the Horizon of Knives, and by some suspect the return of the moon, the chapter's gene-seed now reflected their lives as tribals on Ashist itself. All of the chapter's members who survived the last few initiations suffered from terrifying visions caused by the flaws in their gene-seed, grew blind in direct sunlight, and were often violent and unpredictable- cursed by the Dark Moon, the Moonwalkers would often say.

Those earlier members not afflicted by the mutating gene-seed stockpiles were altered in lesser ways- their night vision grew far more perfect than even the most acclimated veteran Space Marine, but their day vision weakened equally- forcing members of the Astral Guard to wear their helmets during the day lest they be dazzled by even weak sunlight. However, at night, they often go without them- something the Moonwalkers have begun to mimic with elaborate headdresses and masks while Emperor Sun shines over Ashist, discarding them in the face of the moon.

This ruinous series of events forced the chapter to re-designate itself as a dying force, and re-organize it's members into nine (and later eight) Companies as the last generation of Scouts and initiates moved into their place among the dying Astral Guard. Each is organized to be a balanced mix of younger and older marines, so the elders may pass on their wisdom to the youngest and no one Company ever becomes "the" Veteran Company- as the loss of such a company would mean the loss of everything the chapter has worked to gain through experience.

The chapter is led by the Conclave, two men elected from the eight chapter heads- such that the chapter's leadership might never be in doubt unless both men are killed. The identities of the Conclave's two captains are kept in deep secrecy, only truly known by the Techmarines who outfit their equipment with more specialized command networking modules and secure communications suites. In the field of battle all captains are treated by their subordinates as members of the Conclave- for they very well might be, and this ensures that the tribal bonds formed on Ashist mimic those in the Chapter itself.

As a function of their situation the Astral Guard rely most heavily on ranged weaponry- preferring to trust their excellent marksmanship and enhanced vision than the chaotic nature of melee combat. They work most often in hit-and-run tactics, striking hard and fast after quite a bit of planning and scouting, withdrawing before the sun rises and they lose their advantage. These "terror tactics" of appearing in an enemy's camp in the middle of the night, often using flamers or storm bolters to mow down the enemy while he struggles free of his sleeping arrangements, has put them at odds with other Imperial units who prefer daylight frontal assaults to maximize the "hammer" of the Imperial war machine.

Their slowly declining numbers and associations with the Mechanicus means that on average, more technology is available to the individual marine than would otherwise be the case. The marines of the Astral Guard, as they grow further and further into experienced veterans to a one, have begun to adorn themselves with totemic symbols and talismans similar to the tribal decorations worn on Ashist. This is currently being investigated by the Inquisition as a herald of Chaotic taint. The Grey Knights under Knight-Captain Calistus are gathering information for a possible landing on the Dark Moon to search for signs of the Lost Flotilla, or any daemonic presence that may linger from the moon's sojourn into the warp.

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So this is what i've got so far for my Fists of Cadia

Fists of Cadia
Why was the Chapter Founded?
Standing Force- Created for the specific purpose of defending the Cadian System
When was the Chapter Founded?
139.M41- The Fists of Cadia were founded shortly after Abbadon’s 12th Black Crusade
Imperial Fists
Gene-Stock Purity
Progenitor Demeanours
Imperial Fists: Sons Of Dorn
(In temperament the Imperial Fists are driven and focussed. They study the tenets of the Codex Astartes with almost as much dedication as the Ultramarines, yet there are certain passages their very nature makes it hard for them to fully comprehend. Whereas the Codex teaches the wisdom of a tactical re-deployment, the Imperial Fists will fight on, all but blind to the consequences. They quite literally prefer death to the perceived dishonour of admitting the remotest possibility of defeat.)
Codex Demeanours
Purity Above All
Founding Fathers/Figures of Legend
Who are the Chapter's heroes
Chapter Master Kaidon Octavious-Imperial Glory
Home World
What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World?
Uninhabited World
Home World Predominant Terrain
Relationship with Home World
Direct Rule
How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?
Divergent Chapter
Combat Doctrine
Armoured Assault
Special Equipment
Preferred Fighting Style
Chapter Beliefs
The Emperor Above All- The Chapters holds the Emperor as the ultimate object of it's devotions.
Current Status
What is the current status of your Chapter?
Over Strength
Friends and Enemies
Imperial Guard- Cadian Shock Troops
Chaos Space Marines

Now im still trying to fill it out fluff wise but i think its a pretty good start

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The Dark Scar's Origin

I really like this Idea, however I did make it so that my Progenitor was the Raven Guard, because that is what my Chapter is based off.


Founded- Strategic Prognostication (Chaos Daemons)
Founded in- The 36th Millenium


Progenitor - Raven Guard
Gene-stock Purity - Flawed
Progenitor Demeanours - Raven Guard's Sons of Night
Codex Demeanours - Cleanse and Purify
Chapter Flaws - Faith in Suspicion
Chapter Hero - The Chapter Master, Markus Pentium
Their Deed - Crusader, Destroyed the highly efficient and deadly Mal'kuhm.

Home World

Type of Planet - Death World
Terrain - Ice
Relationship - Direct Rule


Following of the Codex Astartes - Divergent Chapter
Combat Doctrine - Codex Combat Doctrine
Special Gear - Rare Weaponry
Beliefs - Revere the Primarch

Current Status
State - Endangered
Friends - Adeptus Titanicus
Enemies - Deamon of Tzeentch (Reason for Creation)

I'm eventually going to write a fluffer story around this, and make up names for everyone involved.

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Why was the Chapter Founded: Crusade

When was the Chapter Founded: Unknown

Progenitor: Dark Angels

Gene-Stock Purity: New Generation

Chapter Demeanour: See, but don't be seen

Gene-Seed Deficiencies: Hyper stimulated-Omophagea

Who are the Chapter's heroes: Chapter Master

Using the Heresy Name Generator- Angedes Zyroco

Deeds of Legend: Warp Accident

What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World: Fleet Based

Recruiter Worlds: Hive, Feral

Recruiter Worlds Predominant Terrain: Desert, Wasteland, Ice

Relationship with Recruiter Worlds: Direct Rule

How Closely Does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes: Unique Organization

Combat Doctrine: Thunderhawk Assault

Special Equipment: Preferred Fighting Style

Chapter Beliefs: Death Cult

What is the current status of your Chapter: Nominal

Friends: Adeptus Titanicus

Enemies: The Eldar (Ulthwe)

Using Space Marine Chapter Name Generator-
Chapter Name: Sanguine Ravens

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Here is the chapter I got

Why was the chapter founded: Standing force

When was the chapter founded:35th millennium

Progenitor: Dark Angels

Gene-Stock purity: Pure

Chapter demeanor: Sons of the Lion

Gene-Seed Deficiencies: Disturbing voice

Who are the chapter's heroes: Master of Sanctity

Master of Sanctity's name: Invictus Ohlmacher

Deeds of Legend: Enemy of Chaos

What type of planet is the Chapter Homeworld: medieval world

Homeworld's predominat terrain: jungle

Relationship with Homeworld: stewardship

how closely does the chapter follow the codex: codex chapter

Combat doctrine: close quarters

Special equipment: preferred fighting style

Chapter beliefs: the Emperor above all

Chapter status: under strength

Friends: imperial guard- Harakoni War Hawks Regiment

Enemies: the orks

chapter name using the bolter and chainsword generator: War Golems

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ok i created a dark heresy account purely to post this. out of all the chapters I've generated this is the most messed up one. but i love it and when i do get more money will begin to build it. right now i have no fluff for this chapter but will be coming up with some

Year Chapter was founded: #4th millennium
Progenitor: ULTRAMARINE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gene-seed purity:pure
Chapter Demeanor: honor the codex
Gene-seed Deficiencies if any: none
Chapter flaws if any: none
Chapter heroes: Battle Brother Octavius of the 6th company 4th squad enemy of khorne slew one of his skull princes (ok did not know a battle brother was strong enough but oh well)

Chapter home world: none chapter is fleet based
Organization: unique organization (Roboute must be crying in his tube at his wayward children)

Combat doctrine: ANGELS OH DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes i mean drop pods)

Special equipment: rare weaponry aka volkites!!!!!!!!! (volkites are epic heat rays)

Chapter Beliefs: FLESH IS WEAK!!!!!!!!! BUT STEEL IS NOT!!!!! (again i thought i was a ultramarine successor not a iron hands weird!)

Chapter status: under strength

Chapter Allies: chariest captain umm extra rare supplies? (where components for volkites come from maybe?)

Chapter’s Preferred enemy: SUPER DINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( aka tyranids om nom nom nom)

Chapter name: Dark Raiders (used a generator for this name)

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I just tried this generator with the advised Online Dice Roller. The results were rather...interesting. Definitely going to fluff this up and make it a Codex. :grin:

Why was the Chapter Founded: Strategic Prognostication (Rolled a 2)
When was the Chapter Founded: 36th Millennium (Rolled a 31)

Progenitor: Ultramarines (Rolled a 41)
Gene-Stock Purity: Altered (Rolled a 8)
Chapter Demeanor: Honor the Codex (Due to being Altered)
Codex Demeanor: See, but not being Seen (Rolled a 6)
Gene-Seed Deficiencies: Doomed (Rolled a 9, Automatic roll due to Altered)
Limited or Missing Zygote: Betcher’s Gland (Rolled a 86, option for Altered)
Chapter Heroes: Specialist (Rolled a 100)
Deeds of Legend: Enemy of Chaos (Rolled a 27)

Home World
What type of planet is the Chapter’s Homeworld: Space Fleet, Medieval (Rolled 98, then 67)
Home World Predominant Terrain: Temperate (Rolled 92)
Relationship with Homeworld: Stewardship (Rolled a 4)

How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes: Unique Organization (Rolled a 10)
Combat Doctrine: Codex Combat Doctrine with specialization, Stealth (Rolled a 4)
Special Equipment: Special Vehicle (Rolled a 71)
Chapter Beliefs: Totem Creature (Rolled a 85)

Current Status: Over Strength (Rolled a 10)
Friends: Navigators (Rolled a 88)
Enemies: Daemon Prince/Daemon/Disciple of Chaos (Rolled a 74)

Chapter Name: Astral Lions

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Chapter Name: Imperial Scoprions

Purpose of Prognostication: Counter

Founded in: 40th Millenium

Progenated from: Iron Hands

Gene-Seed Quality: Pure

Progenitor Demeanor: Iron and Hate

Codex Demeanor: Brothers in Battle

20% chance of Progenitor Deficiency

Hero: Sergeant of 5th Company 2nd Squad Caito Rhavan

Deed of Legend: Imperial Glory

Home World: Medieval World

Home World Environment: Jungle World

Rule: Distant Rule

Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine: Ranged Combat

Special Equipment: Rare Weaponry

Chapter Beliefs: Esoteric Beliefs

Chapter Status: Nominal Status

Friends: Catachan Devils

Enemy: The Orks

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I am planning on doing my chapter and was having a little trouble on where to go with it after the name for the chapter. The I found this in a search and it has helped a lot

So here are the Angels of Damnation

Chapter Origins: Crusade
Founded: M37 - 23rd Founding
Progenitors: Dark Angels - not one of the Unforgiven
Gene Seed Purity: A New Generation
Chapter Demeanour: Suffer Not the Work of Heretics
Legendary Figure: Chapter Master
Deed of Legend: Enemy of Chaos
Home World: Fleet Based
Chapter Organisation: Divergent Chapter - follow the organisation of the Dark Angels
Combat Doctrine: Codex
Special Equipment: Traditional Weapon -
Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Primarch
Current Status: Under Strength – Currently at half strength
Chapter Friends: Imperial Guard – Amazonian Rifles (My IG army)
Chapter Enemies: chaos

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Seemed like the only place to post my result (didn't want to start an entire thread for this). I ended up with the Red Questors, Ork Haters to the core who strikes from the sky with fire and fury. The fact that their Progenitors are the Blood Angels probably doesn't help. Might write their fluff if I have time.

Nice generator. Had a lot of fun with it. From what I read, it's from Deathwatch (the RPG)? Played it a while back with friends. We found it hillarious how taking massive armies was easy due to crowd rules but killing three orks in a tree was hell on earth.

Why Founded?: Strategic Prognostication
Founding: 40th Millennium

Progenitor: Blood Angels
Gene-Stock Purity: A New Generation
Demeanours: Suffer Not The Alien to Love

Chapter heroes: Chapter Master
Deed of Legend: Imperial Glory

Type of Planet: Feral World
Terrain: Jungle
Relationship: Distant Rule

Follow Codex?: Divergent Chapter
Combat Doctrine: Thunderhawk Assault
Special Equipment: Blessed Wargear
Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Primarch

Current status: Endangered
Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus
Enemies: The Orks

Name: Red Questors
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