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Hey guys. ive practically finished my chaos army in record time, so now im moving to the Cadians. Here ill post my progress as I paint my way through the cadians. these guys will be the same colour scheme as on the box, so you can know what to expect. any critism is welcome. also any advice on an army list will be great. i love the kasrkin model, so as many of those as possible please :wink:

i was totally bewildered at the amount of guys the IG can take! 600 and thats just troops without junior officers! :shok:

allright, heres my first Kasrkin ever! :biggrin:

and if any of you guys want me to do a tut on the way i do these guys, ill do it happily

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Looking great!

Love the freehand work.

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cheers guys, hopefully the entire army is going to be that good. and ive changed the squad number to 001 as the 00 is reserved for Kasrkin Squads, and the 1 refers to them being the first squad

my entire list is going to be organised with numbers as you will see when i post it up. the squad numbers are in brackets :wink:

Command Platoon 1 265
Heroic Officer 70
Refractor Field 15
Heavy Weapons Crew (100)
Autocannon 15
Fire Support 1
Team 1 35 (111)
Auto Cannon 20
Fire Support 2
Team 1 35 (121)
Heavy Bolter 15
Anti-tank Support 1
Team 1 35 (131)
Lascannon 25

Infantry Platoon 1 146
Squad 1 60 (301)
Vox Caster 5
Grenade Launcher 8
Squad 2 60 (302)
Vox Caster 5
Grenade Launcher 8

Storm Troopers 170 (001)
Melta 10
Plasma 10
Melta Bombs x10 40
Infiltrate 10

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank 190 (511)
Sponson Heavy Bolters 10
Hull Mounted Lascannon 15
Smoke Launchers 3
Heavy Stubber 12
Dozer Blade 5
Extra Armour 5

TOTAL : 771

Take for Example the First Fire Support.
1 - means its part of the 1st HQ Platoon
1 - 1st Squad (Fire Support)
1 - 1st Team


1 - 1st HQ Platoon
3 - 3rd Squad (Anti-tank)
1 - 1st Team

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Looking good. How are you planning to base them?

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alrite guys, time for a small update. unfortunatly my dad stole the camera for a few days:angry: but ill have finished my hardened vets by tonight (i hope) as im getting the final piece for them, a heavy weapons platform. bring on the guns!!!

as soon as my dad gets back, ill get the cam back and you guys will have visuals


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Nice Kasrkins. I collect and play Tau, and if you think about it they both look slightly simular. Anyway, 8.6/10:biggrin::grin:

P.S. Amazing painting, I might have to get you to paint my Tau... :shok:
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