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I am looking to start a CSM army having dabbled with the heretics previously. I have the dark vengeance box and I am going to use the lord as a proxy for Kharn and expand it to 1000 pts to make it more playable.

Chaos Space Marines - 665 pts

HQ – Kharn the Betrayer – Gorechild, Plasma Pistol – 160 pts

Elites – Chosen – 7 men, power axe, power maul, power fist, pair of lightning claws, power axe and combi-melta, MoK – 250 pts

Elites – Hellbrute – Multimelta – 100 pts

Troop – Cultists – 10 men, CCW and pistols, flamer – 55 pts

Troop – Cultists – 10 men, Shotgun, 8 autoguns, heavy stubber – 65 pts

Fast Attack – Rhino – 35 pts (For Kharn and the Chosen)

Khorne Allies - 335 pts

HQ – Herald – Juggernaut – 100 pts

Troops – Bloodletters – 10 men – 100 pts

Elites – Bloodcrushers – 3 bloodcrushers – 135 pts

TOTAL - 1000 pts


Cultists and helbrute stay together at the back objective or footslog across the board depending on the objectives. Kharn and the chosen in the rhino with the bloodcrushers and the herald head straight for the enemy to spill blood in the name of the Khorne. Bloodletters deep strike where they are needed.

Comments welcome, I am expanding on the dark vengeance kit some please don't suggest I drop those models (I can't afford to build an army from scratch) .

My DA expansion list can be found here http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?p=2198530#post2198530
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