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Everyone has either been involved in one or seen one. That first turn where someone's opponent nearly wipes them off the board. So I wanna know (and I'm sure others would love to hear) about your experience with the brutal first turn.

My personal one was a four way game in 4th edition. We decided on Cleanse and each player ofcourse got one square. I played my Guard and I was across from an Eldar player. On either side of us was a Chaos Space Marine player and a Space Marine player. We rolled for turns and the Eldar player ended up last. The Chaos player who was first humourously said "You know we should rid the board of the Xenos." In joking fashion each of us attacked the Eldar player. Eventhough I didn't have much range on him, I did have 3 Leman Russes. By the time it was the Eldar players turn he had a weapon destroyed Fire Prism Tank (guess which weapon) and everything else was either running off the board, completely destroyed, or a wrecked vehicle.

An absolutely brutal first turn. :ireful2:

It was hilarious and the Eldar player was a good sport about it, eventhough we could tell he was a bit perturbed. So we decided to start over and gave him the first turn automatically. He still got wiped off the board only this time he survived a few turns.
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