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Back in 2nd edition, but after the removal of the virus outbreak strategy card, you could still take a virus grenade as a wargear card. We had a techmarine with a jump pack and a virus grenade, hiding behind a wall. He jump packs forward, rips out the pin with his teeth, and hurls the virus grenade at the great green tide before him. Then, to our great joy, and our opponents misery, the Orks began to stagger and fall, just a few at first, then more, and more, and more. Until there were some mega-armored Nobz, and a few vehicles left standing. The entire ork army was gone except for maybe 200-250 pts, while our entire space marine army was poised to demolish the remainder.

50 pt virus grenade = 50 pt immuno squig
50 pt virus grenade + no immuno squig=2000pts of dead orks.
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