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I'd like to share with you some of our studio works :)
We provide complex service: assebling, paintng, converting.
We can buy models for you, so you can save money instead of paying multiple shipping costs, also becaose of extremely low value of our currency
minis in Poland are a bit cheaper so it'll be more proitable for you to let us order them for you.

To keep everything simple we offer you 3 different painting levels.
I. Basic - simple but not bad! basic colours, drybrushes, washes, bit of edge highlightning. Cheap options, wise choice for horde armies.
II. Advanced - most our works represents this level. Lots of airbrush works, edge highlightning, weathernig, battle damage, all that your army needs!
III. Showcase - best for single miniatures and small units, but we will also paint the whole armies on that level! Its the most expensive option. In simple words its everything customer want. NMM, freehands, andvanced blending, lots of brushwork, everything you'll imagine, we will bring it to life!
All prices includes assembling, basing and varnish!
Price list:

Hope you'll like it.
Sons of Horus army will be up for sale soon, we just need to finish 10 reaver marines and command squad.
If you'll be interested in purchasing it feel free to pm us, or write us email: [email protected]
If you'd like to book a commision check our fanpage: https://web.facebook.com/thebrushlegion/?fref=ts

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