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Transmission Location: Unknown outpost near the Eye of Terror.
Forces at outpost: Imperial Guard and Black Cursaders.
"Command, this is Commander Jvikle of the Imperial Guard! We need back up send more Marines. Forces of Chaos have landed. Intense fighting ha-" THUMPH..... "OH GOD COMMANDER!" *Bolter fire* "Stay in line you pathetic cowards or I will shoot you myself! For the Emperor! *More shouting* "Command this is Comissisar Tvyikle. The Hertics have landed and have begun to over run the defensive lines. To date the Space Marine Chapter has responded to give them a taste of the Emperor's wrath. The enemy is dressed in power army, and it gives suggestion to Chaos Space Marines. So far we have lost three hundred troops of the imperium. Black Crusader numbers are unknown. The enemy bares a color I have never laid my eyes upon before. Teh color scheme would suggest one of the first hertic legion, Death Guard. However, they bare red as well as a little gold here and there. This suggest World Eaters."

*Screams of terror* "You men get back in line!" *Gun shots* "You will do your duty to the emperor or I will kill you myself. So take your choice face the enemy who might kill you, or the devil behind you that will. The choice is yours. What int eh name of the Gold Emperor....Command, they appear to be using plagues, suggest Epidemic units to take care of them. Men use your flamers, they will kill the plague!" *Screams, Gun fire, Roaring, massive thumphs and a wet coughing* "What are yo-?"*Bolter Fire*

Unknown voice: "We are the Blood Plague, and we are here to take your planet."

End of Transmission

Blood Plague Information based off Pre-Hersey Accounts:

-Use to be called Death's Sword, specialized combat unit of the Death Guard Army. While their breathern used defense to grind their opponents to death. The Death Sword use to use their skill in offense. Like a Sledgehammer to a rock.

-Perfered hand to hand and quick attack tactics. Heavily armored and very tough. Used in Counter Attacks when combined with their Death Guard Breathern.

Blood Plague Information based off Post-Hersey Accounts:

-Typhus leaving gave them the ability to join him and kill more. Thus giving them more use of their new found abilities.

-Not known when, but Berzerkers began to join their ranks by the companies. Soon their fast tactics began to grow and take shape. Using their extreme toughness, began to pick up machines.

-First seen in action when they attacked ten outposts at the same time. Slaughtering all units at the outposts eecpt for a company full from all sites hit.

-Sometimes led personally by the Herald of Nurgle himself.

-Said to use a newer version of the Death Shroud. Newer version only uses lightning claws not trace of Manreapers. Possible backing from Hertic Extreme Mortatian?

-Use of bikers noted in one raid, with a massive force.

-One ship has only ever been destroyed/captured. Small detailed accounts have been given into the background and tactics of the unit.

-One thing learned is the different companies in the chapter, and still consider themselves an army not a raiding force. Structure is set up, though the chapter master is unknown. Presumed Tyhpus or Mortatian.

-Chapters are:
1st Company: Black Plague(Possibly Newer Versions of Death Shroud?)
2nd Company: Execution Plague(Plague Marines)
3rd Company: Skull Plague(Berzerkers)
4th Company: Corpse Takers(Bikers)
5th Company: Scarlet Plague(Raptors)
6th Company: Intestinal Decay(Plague Marines)
7th Company: Shadow of Death(Plague Marines)

-Color Scheme is much like that of the Death Guard but for a few differences. One notable is the red ingrained with the puke green color. Sometimes depending on the company, black may be included.

-Berzerker color scheme has Silver and Gold instead of just gold. Not understood why.

-End of data.

(More to come later if all goes well....how did I do?)

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Thanks that was the basis of my unit. I am a massive Death Guard fan. However, I like to attack so I thought about it and figured I would create something like that. Death guard but on offense. I suck at making names however.
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