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Okay, here it is ladies and gentlement, Part one of the BA Omnibus. Remember, I'm no longer on Of Books and Wargames 2, but on this: Of Books and Wargames 3, so please follow for quicker updates and other fun stuff :).

Now, It's review time!

The Blood Angels Omnibus: James Swallow
Part One: Deus Encarmine

IN THIS TWO-BOOK sequence, author James Swallow brings the Blood Angels chapter to life. In an epic story of heroisim, corruption and betrayal, battle-brothers Rafen and Arkio find themselves pitted against each other in a battle for the very soul of the Chapter.

When Brother Arkio claims to be a reincarnation of Sanguinius, the Blood Angel's spiritual father, the message is clear: Follow me or die. Rafen kneels before Arkio and swears an oath of devotion - but the words are ashes in his mouth, and in his heart, he knows that he and his brother will have a reckoning that only one of them will surrive...​

Okay, here's my first review of an Omnibus and I'm going to do it in two parts. Having spent the last day reading Deus Encarmine, the first part in the Blood Angels omnibus, I decided to review it. Now, back to the story. Being the first Blood Angels novel, and I being such a fan of the Blood Angels, I had to read it.

It's a tale of two brothers, Rafen and Arkio, Rafen being the older brother, and the more experienced, but after a battle on Cybele and the invasion by the Word Bearers, Arkio leads a stirring counter attack to drive the Chaos Marines from their homeworld.

Shortly after there are whispers. Whispers that Arkio may be a incarnation of the Primarch, Sanguinius. But I'm not going to give you away everything, you'll going to have to read and find out yourself. When I read This omnibus, It was easy to spot the differences that the Blood Angels had from another chapter, rather than in some other books, as they've got a lust for battle and it shows a great example of the Black Rage.

This book also introduces the bad-ass Inquisitor Stele, ally of the Blood Angels, and a whole host of memorable charachters. Unlike when I reviewed Battle for the Aybss, I couldn't remember the charachters names after the novel. However, in this, I can. I can even name a Sergeant who's a secondary charachter: Sergeant Koris, who plays the role of Rafen's mentor.

High Point: Seeing Blood Angels in fiction, the charachters being memorable and Rafen's choice: Loyalty to the Blood Angels or his brother. If you were in that position, what would you choose?

Low Point: Too action packed, If I might say. Even though it was a fantastic book, there seemed to be lots of fighting in the first half of Deus Encarmine, but I'm only nitpicking, as I like action.

Rating: 9/10 Great book, and enjoyed it a lot.

Should you buy this book: Yes, If you want to see some Blood Angel action!

~Bane of Kings, over and out, with Deus Sanguinius coming next. Maybe if this is popular I'll review the short story, Blood Debt.

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Good review. The Blood Angels omnibus is a very good duology and one of my favourite series.

In the first novel I think the point when the readers realize how much Arkio is affecting the other angels is when the Techmarine includes Arkio in the prayer to the Machine-God and Rafen notices it immediately, and is appropriately horrified.
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