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The Black Terror of Amun-Deep V.2

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I posted the stats for this character sometime ago and decided to just re-post everything considering the character changed quite a bit. My old version just seemed too strong and so naturally a revamp of the old stats was in order. The character is a synaptic ravener which will be a fast attack selection. I will post a much more detailed fluff background once I have written it out on paper first, but here's the goods for now. I have also just finished modeling this guy and once I can find someone with a decent camera I'll post some pics of the conversion work before I prime it.

The Black Terror of Amun-Deep (165 pts.)

WS:5 BS:- S:5 T:5 W:3 I:6 A:5 LD:10 SV:5+

- Scything Talons (1 set)
- Rending Claws
- Reinforced Chitin
- Implant Attack

Special Rules:
- Synapse & Shadow of the Warp
- Acute Senses
- Move Through Cover
- Psyker
- Dexterous Death
- It Strikes from Below
- Relentless Assault

Psychic Powers:
May chose 1 of the Hive Tyrant psychic powers.

Dexterous Death: The Black Terror is remarkably fast and can dodge attacks as fast as some of the Imperiums finest assassins. To represent this, The Black Terror has a 4+ invulnerable save

It Strikes from Below: The Black Terror is always held in reserve and arrives via deep strike, even in missions that do not normally allow it. If he scatters onto impassable terrain, friendly or enemy models, move the minimum distance required to avoid the obstacle. In addition, so accurate is the Black Terror's strike that it only scatters 1D6 when deep striking.

Relentless Assault: The Black Terror has been reported to slice through whole squads of guardsmen like they were butter, attacking like a frenzied beast. For every successful to hit roll the Black Terror makes, it may immediately make an additional attack against the same unit. These additional attacks do not confer any extra attacks if they also hit the enemy.

*EDIT- I've decided to add this special rule because after some play testing, I found that the creature didn't inflict the kind of damage I was looking for. I could have just made his attacks ignore armor saves but considering he can already rend, it made sense to create a way to potentially generate more attacks that could just as easily rend.
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ahh yes the points value! DOHHH! I completely forgot haha. Well I think a good points cost is something like 140-165 points. Somethiing in that range, perhaps a little bit more but I don't know. When you consider that this character operates independently from the rest of the army it should be something fierce that's for sure. maybe 155 for a final cost?
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