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Greetings everyone,

As I wanted to contribute to the various gamemodes and rules on this forum, I present to you a homemade battlemap. Below I will describe the origin, the use and the ruleset that we use with this.

I hope you find it interesting and if you wish to use it, drop me a PM and I can make a custom one for you.


The purpose of this gameboard is simple; To create a month (maybe even years) long continual campaign for a group of 4-6 players. It is created as a supplement to those of you who play with a closed group of friends (like I do) and who wants a progression and competition element in your gaming.

Each battle in the gameboard is a 1v1 match, but it can be modified by your own house rules. The rules described in this thread are the ones we use, but you can feel free to add your own as you wish.

How it works

At the top you will see 4 placeholder players (with awesome shades). Their picture is there and what army they play. A player can have multiple armies. (Yes, I am the one who plays CSM in our group. Who would've figured)

The battlemap represents a galaxy, or a sector (whichever you prefer). Each hexagon represents a planet, similar to how Risk works.

Each hexagon has 3 parameters attached to it:
- Gametype (Purge The Alien, Big Guns never Tire, etc.)
- Points allowed
- Deployment type (Dawn of War, Hammer and Anvil, etc.)

In your closed group you can choose to challenge a player over dominance of a planet. If the opponent accepts, you do a battle with the army that you chose and follow the parameters on the scenario. The winner gets to control the planet, and it will be under the players control. If the planet is neutral, there is no limit as to who the player can challenge for the area.

However, like any boardgame, players can also choose to challenge a taken area for dominance. This works like a normal challenge, except only the player who controls it can accept it (Duh.)

If a player controls several adjacent sectors, he will get a bonus of +5 points per hexagon that is controlled adjacent to each other should he be challenged. Thus, no player is interested in one player gaining a massive cluster as he will be harder and harder to take down as he goes on. If he is challenged on a field that is not touching any of his hexagons, however, he looses this advantage.

Our ruleset

The below ruleset is what we use in our group. You can use it as inspiration or just throw it away.

- All scenarios roll for night-fighting at the start.
- Both players agree on whether mysterious objects/forest/etc. are in play before the match starts.
- Any challenge must be done 48 hours in advance.
- If a challenge is not played within 14 days of it being issued, it is forfeit and the area goes to the player who did not cancel the appointment during the time played.
- A player must announce what army he challenges with, as each army has their own dominance. You cannot challenge with a CSM army and give area to your Daemons army. They are two seperate battleforces.
- Allies are allowed on all maps, but the primary detachment gets the area upon victory.
- Any match that is denied due to the opponent not being able to field the amount of points is forfeit, and is counted as not being issued. The area remains neutral.
- Any challenges must be made public in the group, so multiple payers don't challenge over the same area. The result is also public.

Closing words

Well that's it. This is how my group plays the game and I think it's a blast. As the gameboard has battles ranging from 500-2000 points of all types and deployment, you can make any battle you want and still have a progression in your group.

If you're interested in getting one made with your own players, I can either make it as a Jpeg for you or send you a link to the PSD file. It is made to be printed on a A3 piece of paper.

Any input is welcome - Otherwise I only have one thing left to say:


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Looks like fun mate.

I wish I had a regular group where we could do campaigns like this .

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So far 4 have asked for their custom versions of this. As there were some questions, I'll just answer them here:

- Yes, I can add more players if needed.
- Yes, I usually use portraits of the players in questions, but any avatar that you wish are fine
- Yes, a player avatar can hold multiple armies, so you won't appear twice in the header.
- Yes, you can have both the PSD for updating it yourself or get it sent as a JPEG that you can print and use for various purposes. (The PSD is about 1 gig in size)

Thank you all for the interest so far. I look forward to hearing your continued feedback! :)
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