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The Battle for Salvation Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament is now open for registration!

The Battle for Salvation is an independently run NOVA-style Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament taking place Columbus Day weekend in 2010.

Its name comes from the Battle for Salvation gaming club responsible for organizing the event, which operates primarily out of space rented at the local Salvation Army. Comprised of a large number of players of varying interests and skill levels, the NOVA Open format was selected for this tournament because of its egalitarian approach that caters equally to all styles of hobby participation. Whether you’re in modeling, painting, tabletop domination, or a balance of all three, The Battle for Salvation gives you a chance to shine.

(Important disclaimer: I'm not organizing this event, I just made the website and I'm trying to spread the word)


Tournament Rules:

Inspired by the success of the NOVA Open, and with the help of Mike Brandt, The Battle for Salvation Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament will closely emulate this format with a two-day Swiss pairing system and separately awarded achievements in various hobbyist and competitive categories. There is a 2000 points limit and the tournament will consist of seven games.

On the competitive side, Win-Loss performance within the tournament structure will be aimed at finding a single undefeated player at the end of the event and crowning him Tournament Champion. Prizes will also be bestowed upon the players who remain undefeated at the end of the first day, and who shall be recognized as the Tournament Aces.

On the hobbyist side, each player will be judged on the appearance of their army. Furthermore, players will be asked to designate single models to represent their entries for best painted and best converted miniatures, the scores of which will be combined with the army appearance score to create an overall appearance total.

We also recognize that sportsmanship is integral to all parts of the hobby. At the end of each day all participants will be asked to rank their players with respect to how sportsmanly their conduct was during each game. These rankings will translate into scores. For instance, if the tournament consists of six games and you rank Bob first and Tim last then Bob will get 6 sportsmanship points and Tim will get 1 sportsmanship point. We recognize that you may want to give multiple players top marks for sportsmanship, however this ranking system provides a wider spread of scores that allows for the recognition of truly outstanding sportsmen.

Like at the NOVA Open, each game will end in either a win or a loss–there are no ties. Every round will have a primary objective and multiple subordinate objectives to act as tie-breakers. The missions will be made available prior to the event with as much advance notice as possible. The goal of the BFS GT is not to surprise anyone, but to single out and recognize the best performers at the event.


Saturday, October 9: FOUR GAMES

On Day 1, all 48 players will compete over the course of 4 tournament games. For each round, those who win by the largest margin of victory (based on an algorithm taking into account accomplishing the primary and subordinate objectives) will be paired against those with the smallest from the previous round. Similarly, those who lost their previous match by the smallest margin will be paired against those who lost by the biggest.

At the conclusion of games on Saturday the awards ceremony will take place in order to recognize and reward the Tournament Aces, Renaissance Man, and winners of the Best Appearance awards. The drawing for the raffle will also be performed at this time.

Sunday, October 10: THREE GAMES (+ other events)

The top 24 performing players (based on win/loss record and the algorithm mentioned earlier) will be ranked and arranged into 3 differentt 8-man brackets: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Players in the Gold bracket will be competing for the right to call themselves the Tournament Champion, and for the loot that comes with it. Silver and Bronze bracket competitors will compete for the Tournament General awards.

Each bracket will function as an independent single elimination tournament and the last man standing after three games will be crowned champion. That means when you lose you’re out! But don’t worry, there will be a number of other events going on in addition to open gaming on Sunday, including a large Apocalypse game run by Fritz (from the Way of Saim Hann) designed specifically to allow gamers to drop in and out with each turn.


Tournament Champion – The player to go undefeated after all 6 games of the tournament
Renaissance Man – The player with the highest combined game performance, overall appearance, and sportsmanship scores (all equally weighted)
Tournament Ace – Players who have gone undefeated in their games at the end of the first day
Tournament General – Players who go undefeated in their respective (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Day 2 bracket
Best Appearance – The player featuring the army highest rated for overall appearance
Best Painted Single Miniature – The player with the single miniature rated highest for painting
Best Converted Single Miniature – The player with the single miniature rated highest for modeling

(more to come in the near future)
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