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[Needless personal backstory that you can skip]All right, when I first started playing, like many I started with Space Marines. Like many who started with Space Marines, I started with the Ultramarines. Like many I soon got bored with the Blue Boys Vanilla style, so I made a chapter of my own. The Second Legion to be precise. Mostly because I really hate that there are two legions missing from Imperial records.[/Backstory]

The Legend And Lore Of The Avenger's Of The Emperor Chapter, Second To Be Created At His Word And Command.

Like all other Primarchs, the Primarch of the Second Legion was whisked away from the gene-labs of Holy Terra by the despicable forces of Chaos. However, great tragedy was to meet the Sons of the Unknown Primarch.

Originally, they were named by the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind as the Sun Crushers. With the God-Emperor, the met and brought in Horus and Rogal Dorn.

Then came the system of Proximis Alternatus.

The God-Emperor, eternally wise and clairvoyant was able to detect the presence of one of his sons. However, the presence was faint and so the Emperor made haste to the surface of the world -cataloged as Proximis Alternatus III- along with Dorn and Horus and representatives from all of the other Legions.

What was found shocked them for they found the dieing body of a Primarch.

Scattered around his bleeding form were millions of native soldiers, a despicably mutated version of the Perfect Form of Man.

The Sun Crushers immediately recognized their father and rushed to his side. It is said that the massive forms of the two Primarchs there and the Emperor Himself wept at the sight of his fallen form.

Adeptus Astartes -the greatest warriors of Mankind- went to their knees and screamed into the night. Then, hope was found as the massive form of the fallen Primarch spoke. "Why do such gods weep?" he is rumored to have said.

Eventually, the Primarch of the Sun Crushers healed. His name is lost to history, but was believed to have been Coji from the planet's native tongue.

All was well for the Sun Crushers, and so it was for a time. Until the near end of the Great Crusade in fact.

Before Horus Fell but after he became Warmaster, the Sun Crushers were sent to the Northern section of the galaxy to investigate rumors of Daemonic Dark Eldar forces and to destroy them if rumors held true.

The rumors did.

Coji ordered the Sun Crushers to the planet where the rumors began.

Once night fell, the Dark Eldar raiders attacked with great ferocity.

No record exists of the battle except this one, "All around was a blur of blood and gore as I swung my sword and shot my bolter, hoping only to survive the night."

When the fight ended and the raiders escaped, the Sun Crushers had lost a Primarch and had gained a new name. And so the Sun Crushers Legion became the Avengers.

At the Council of Vengeance's -the ruling body of the Avengers Legion- request, the Emperor took down the statue of Coji in His amphitheater in His Palace.

The Avengers launched a crusade against the Dark Eldar and escaped the minds of their brothers. Indeed, they were a non-player in the Horus Heresy and did not even know of the news until it was done. Were it not for Guilliman's organization, the Second Legion may have been utterly forgotten.

When they received the news of the Emperor's entombment, they wept at the selfishness. They had lost their father to foul xenos, and now had lost their Emperor without even being able to fight for him.

And so the Avengers became the Avengers of the Emperor. At Guilliman's behest, they followed the Codex Astartes and became the Second Chapter. However, their Successors and themselves had greatly separated themselves from each other.

The Avengers of the Emperor launched a brief joint-crusade with the Black Templar, but then went off on their own in the Gladius starfort which became their new home having gifted Proximis Alternatus III to one of their Successors.

After a time, the Chapter Master of the Avengers asked the Council of Terra to erase the Avengers of the Emperor from all Imperial Records.

The Council complied.

For millennium, the Avengers separated themselves from the Imperium. In recent times however with the news of the horror of the Thirteenth Black Crusade reaching them, the Avengers of the Emperor have returned.
So, how is it?
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