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The Ascended (WIP codex dedicated to Malice)

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Updated Sept. 17, 2013 (Ascended troops fluff and notes, added Forsaken)

Hey all. I wanted to write my own Chaos codex and since the four main Chaos gods are already covered in the official codex, I thought I'd write it in dedication to the lesser known, fifth Chaos God Malice. I've got some basic fluff and units down so far. This is a work in progress and I will be posting here regularly to update.

My basic idea for the codex is that Malice wields his power through mortals, which is not uncommon via possession. However this is the only way Malice wields his power because, in my fluff anyway, he does not have access to the typical daemonic warriors of the Chaos Plane. Malice actually resides in the 'Netherworld' which is a plane of existence below the realm of Chaos. So the Ascended will essentially be daemony Chaos Space Marines. I also imagine Malice having access to a Daemonforge and sending his warriors on daemon engine-esque steeds.

(Below is what I've got so far)

The Ascended

The Four Ruinous Powers: Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch, wield incredible power in the physical universe and send their daemonic minions through rifts in reality to bring forth destruction and carnage. Their power, incredible though it may be in the material plane, is nothing compared to the nigh invincible strength they wield in their own domain, the Realm of Chaos. No mortal can hope to defeat the omnipotent Gods of Chaos in their own plane. And yet, they have a challenger, and he is no mortal. He is the fifth God of Chaos and he seeks the destruction of the Four Ruinous Powers. He is the God of the Unknown, of Fear and of Anarchy. He resides in the plane below Chaos, in the Netherworld, and exists only to destroy the other Gods and spread Chaos throughout the multiverse. He is Malice.

The fifth God of Chaos is different than the other four in so that he does not command the daemonic forces of the Chaos realm. Rather, he must imbues his followers with his own daemonic power and ability. He commands a vast Daemonforge and sends his daemon-kin warriors to battle on steeds of metal and unholy might. The soldiers of Malice ascend from the Netherworld into the Realms of Chaos and the Material Plane and spread anarchy and fear in his name.

-The strongest of the Ascended are chosen to lead the armies of Malice

The Ascended

-The Ascended are the chosen soldiers of Malice. They are hand picked by Malice himself under very peculiar circumstances. When a Space Marine dedicates his life to the Ruinous Powers he does so with the knowledge that after his death his soul is forfeit to the Dark Gods. But sometimes that soul is not ready for a life of servitude to one of the Four. Sometimes the Chaos Marine's desire to seek vengeance against their traitorous brethren is so strong that even death is an insufficient resolution. These are the soldiers that Malice seeks and the souls that he can steal from his four Chaos brothers. A pact is made. The Chaos Marine pledges himself to Malice and swears off his original oath to his previous Dark Master. In return the warrior gains another lifetime to seek vengeance and glory in battle. But this opportunity comes at a dire price, though he may serve Malice, the newly resurrected Chaos Marine now faces the wrath of his forsworn Chaos God.

--Will have the Daemon USR
--Will have Hatred (Daemons)
--All Daemons will have Hatred (The Ascended)
--They will have to take Morale tests at the end of any turn they are not in Assault or took a Morale test already due to the horrifying visions the God of Terror leaves in their minds.

_____ Chariot
[need a name for this]
-The Ascended commonly ride _____ Chariots to transport themselves to and through battlefields

The Unhallowed
-The elite soldiers of Malice

The Forsaken
-Elite soldiers who's time under Malice's service is coming to an end (perhaps one of the Ruinous Powers has nearly regained control of his soul, or Malice is losing his own grip). They enter the battle by ascending from the Nether-realm in a blaze of unholy fire.

--They will be relatively powerful compared to their cost however when the enter the battle they get 3 counters. At the end of each Ascended turn they lose a counter. Once all counters are lost they are removed from the battle.

Horrorfiend Knights
-Ascended who ride to battle on daemon engines and spread terror to Malice’s enemies.

Chaosfiend Knights
-Ascended who ride to battle on daemon engine and specialize in spreading discord and confusion.

Additional Notes
-Sacred number is 11
-All units will have the Daemon USR and Hatred (Daemons)

(Any help and ideas for units that fit the fluff are definitely appreciated)
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