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The army of Hindsight

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So to everyone who went to the gt having played your heats what changes would you have made to your list if say your mad scientiest uncle, created a time machine and you decided to back and make changes....rather than getting a winning lotto ticket....u sad bastard.

Would you change a bit, or maybe take a different army entirely.
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Why heat 1 instead? To avoid flame on? Or just to watch the rugby in bugmans?
I probably wouldn't have drunk as much on the Friday, I REALLY don't agree with hangovers.
Also I probably should have taken Mephiston and attack bike spam Instead of the uber vet squad, they did okay but Mephiston would have helped against the destroyer spam I faced on day one.
True, sods law If I had of taken Mephiston I would have faced pure Mech lists backed up by anti-pycher equipment making me wish I'd taken the Vets Instead!
i was happy with my mai army just small bits like my anti tank preformance wasnt to good as most of the time the fire dragons didnt get to have the oppotunity to kill much as there waveserpents went down to easily (even with all the upragdes) so in the procees of thinking of a new anti tank unit (mounted seer council maybe but dont know)

and i wasnt to pleased with my autarch either

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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