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The army of Hindsight

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So to everyone who went to the gt having played your heats what changes would you have made to your list if say your mad scientiest uncle, created a time machine and you decided to back and make changes....rather than getting a winning lotto ticket....u sad bastard.

Would you change a bit, or maybe take a different army entirely.
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I would of taken a harder h2h Librarian dropped a speeder and taken a second ven dread.

Basically the list i'm taking to the finals. I would of placed second easily if i'd grown a pair and gone for it against the Necrons.

My librarian hung back like an England striker and it all went pear shaped...
would take different dice.

Also the scout bikers would be out - stupid idea, and the drop pod dread would go as well since it never achieved much. Actually I might drop the predators, get some more squads and go all infantry. I found that the tanks would occasionally be very good and occasionally be terrible, and I prefer consistency.

My terminators did ok so I think I might have more next time. However I found it was annoying for all of them to have fists and go last so more power weapons would be a plan. Assault cannons never managed to rend much so I think I'll replace them with reaper autocannons and add in some combi weapons of various types (ok, mostly plasma). I might have some close combat infantry so I can get rid of annoying stuff like hormagaunts after they charge in. Some khorne berzerkers maybe.

My librarian did relatively well but consistently failed to cast lash of submission, apparently because he didn't know how to. Probably my fault here so I'll remedy that, and maybe get somebody else who can do it as well.
So you'd change the whole list then :p
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