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The army of Herr Aldor Der Ritter (updated 11th May)

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Recently i decided to start playing The Empire, a pet hope of mine in fantasy. 2 days after i bought the book i saw that the empire were rumored to be updated so i decided to wait until the new models and book came out.

I joined the tale of 4 gamers(seen here) to keep me going with the project

3 weeks later (today) I went to the Derby GW and bought this :

the army book, 2 wizards, a witch hunter, 20 handgunners, 5 pistoliers and a celestial hurricanum/luminark of hysh.

i will update the list for the tale of 4 gamers in a while, when i have read the codex :p

bye for now


[EDIT] list incoming:

battle wizard with level 2 upgrade 100

20 handgunners/crossbowmen 180
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Havent seen you about untill yiu replied tomy question (thanks for that), but im.glad you did because your empire stuff is great! Would be great to see that hurricanum finished, are yiu still working on these guys? And to answer your earlier question, im just wanting a bit of feed back on my High Elves army for painting advice! :)
these guys are kind of on the back foot at the moment, as im continuing with my deathwing list, while saving up for a good computer so no free money at the moment.

in reference to the huricanum, yes its finished, and ill put pics up when i have time to.

If you want feed back for painting, if you post a thread in the modeling and painting section of the forum, with pictures im sure you will get interest

EDIT, just seen your high elf post :p
Ahh fair enough, the pull of the new dark angels got the better of you ;) :p Well, should you be able to continue with these in the futire please do give me a shout would love to see more! And ah cool ok, let me.know what you think :)
81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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