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The army of Herr Aldor Der Ritter (updated 11th May)

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Recently i decided to start playing The Empire, a pet hope of mine in fantasy. 2 days after i bought the book i saw that the empire were rumored to be updated so i decided to wait until the new models and book came out.

I joined the tale of 4 gamers(seen here) to keep me going with the project

3 weeks later (today) I went to the Derby GW and bought this :

the army book, 2 wizards, a witch hunter, 20 handgunners, 5 pistoliers and a celestial hurricanum/luminark of hysh.

i will update the list for the tale of 4 gamers in a while, when i have read the codex :p

bye for now


[EDIT] list incoming:

battle wizard with level 2 upgrade 100

20 handgunners/crossbowmen 180
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indeed, atleast one of my bright wizards will be called Tim :p
i am changing my list for tale of 4 gamers for month one to :light wizard, warrior priest w/t sword of battle and 10 handgunners with hochland longrifle.
Doesn't he have a hammer though?
Looking good KF, The white and blue tie together nicely. The robes on the wizard look EXCELLENT, good job sir! However, the white on the rifleman's pants needs another coat or two as it seems the black or undercoat is showing through. Keep up the good work mate, looking forward to seeing them finished.

thanks for the comments DoE :biggrin: unfortunatly there was an acident with the wizard robes and a couple of black spots appeared on his robes :ireful2: so im going to have to touch them up.

i know about the white, but its so irritating :p might have to get one of the new whites to test it out, and hope its better.

i have finished a counts as warrior priest, almost finished a captain on warhorse and finished the wizard, just need to stick him together, and need to finish the blue on the banner and do some more white on the handgunners

ok another update, finished both units of hangunners and cleaned up the white on the previous one, stuck the wizard back together and touched up the white, and very nearly finished the horses for the outriders and now started on the actual outriders.

its been a very busy weekend so far :biggrin: i have watched the Blackadder medival series, the Bourne Ultimatum and the Holy Grail on friday evening and today while painting :p

i will post pics tomorrow morning, and will add how i painted the horses if anyone is interested .

cya all tomorrow

Hey Khorne- I'll be interested in horse painting. I have painted 6 of 47 Bretonnian horses, 8 Wood Elf (11 to go), 5 High Elf (19+ to go) and 8 of who-knows-how-many Empire horses. I can always use another method to try!
and here are the pictures.

A tale of 4 gamers month one stuff:

10 hangunners:

Front rank:

Back rank:


Light wizard 1:



Warrior priest:

back ( i just saw the red on the shield)

Tale of 4 games month 2

i know the next month hasnt started yet, but i couldnt wait :p

10 hangunner unit: (i have the 3 heads missing)

Front rank:

Back rank:


Outrider horses: (individual pics later, ill explain how i paint them)

WIP outriders:

Wizard not started:

2ed wizard for a lol:

And then a general on warhorse that i randomly did:

horses in next post.
and C&C appreciated, thanks for looking

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ok, here are the horses and how i painted them.

Dark brown:

skin: a scorched brown basecoat, 50:50 devlan mud/water wash, scorched brown highlight, bestial brown extreme highlight, 50:50 devlan mud/water glaze.

Hair: bestial brown basecoat, 50:50 devlan mud/water wash, bestial brown highlight, 50:50 bestial brown/vomit brown highlight, 50:50 devlan mud/water glaze.


skin: Dark flesh basecoat, 50:50 devlan mud/water wash, dark flesh highlight, vomit brown extreme highlight, ogren flesh glaze.

hair: vomit brown basecoat, 50:50 devlan mud/water wash, vomit brown highlight, 50:50 vomit brown/deneb stone extreme highlight, ogren flesh glaze.


Skin: adeptus battlegrey basecoat, 50:50 adeptus battlegrey /codex grey highlight, codex grey extreme highlight.

Hair: astronomican grey basecoat, 50/50 codex grey/water wash, astronomican grey highlight


Skin: 50:50 bubonic brown/iyanden darksun basecoat, 50:50 snakebrown leather/water wash, bubonic brown highlight, 50:50 bubonic brown/deneb stone highlight.

Hair: astronomican grey basecoat, 50/50 codex grey/water wash, astronomican grey highlight

hope this is of help to someone somewhere :p

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i have just finished the outriders so will be posting them soon
Things are looking great Khorne!!!!
thanks midge, means a lot coming from you :biggrin:

here are the new outriders.

Full group:

Single man:

Cloaks, light shot:

Cloaks, dark shot:

C&C appreciated
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i have started on the wizard and should have him up soon
looks really good :)
for anyone thats interested, i have started a blog and will be updating that more frequently with small updates and ideas

it can be found here


another update, today ive finished 3 wizards, 1 bright wizard and 2 light wizards, pics soon
so here is what ive been working on over friday night and saterday:

the bright wizard (tim?) im proud of the fire on this guy, took about 2 hours on it

side, please ignore the gaping hole in his side, it was a side effect of gluing him together after painting



another light wizard, this is the one that came from the hurricanum set




other light wizard, this is one of the acolytes from the hurricanum set:

front, just realized how screwed up his face looks close up :(:




and finaly a monkey from the handgunners set, 2 of these cute guys are making a unit filler for them



any C&C appreciated

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no-one commenting?
I like the way the whites and blues turned out on both the wizards, but it seems a bit more rushed than your work on the state troops. there are places of paint spill/overlap, especially on the front of the second light wizard guy, that are really distracting. Your blending is still nice and very eye catching and the monkey looks very cheeky. I like the way that he turned out.

I like the fire wizard as well. My only two suggestions on him are that his hair feels a bit flat and undefined. Some more definition between the strands of hair would really help. Also, and I am not sure what can be done about it now, but the seam line between the front and back piece of the model itself is really noticeable and detracts from the nice red you have managed to achieve in the cloak. Perhaps some liquid Green Stuff before primer in the future would sort that out. I do really like the way your flames came out though and his face is nicely done.

Keep up the good work Khorne!
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