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The army of Herr Aldor Der Ritter (updated 11th May)

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Recently i decided to start playing The Empire, a pet hope of mine in fantasy. 2 days after i bought the book i saw that the empire were rumored to be updated so i decided to wait until the new models and book came out.

I joined the tale of 4 gamers(seen here) to keep me going with the project

3 weeks later (today) I went to the Derby GW and bought this :

the army book, 2 wizards, a witch hunter, 20 handgunners, 5 pistoliers and a celestial hurricanum/luminark of hysh.

i will update the list for the tale of 4 gamers in a while, when i have read the codex :p

bye for now


[EDIT] list incoming:

battle wizard with level 2 upgrade 100

20 handgunners/crossbowmen 180
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I like the colour scheme, fits in well with the Lore of Light Mage. The second wizard (book and snake staff) how many parts does he come in? Am looking to convert me some special characters at some point.
the wizard comes in 6 parts: torso, head, 2 arms, staff top, book.........and the base :p

glad you like the colour scheme, im going to have atleast 4 light mages in the army :biggrin:
4 Light Mages? Remind me never to face you. LOL

Do you have a deep felt hatred for the undead for any reason?
both of my friends who play fantasy have VC and TK

and i love light mages anyway

[EDIT] i have finished painting the blue cloth tonight, pics will be coming tomorrow hopefully
and i hate the lore of light that one wizard killed almost half of my army when are u going to put the report up? also why have u changed the name?
I love light wizards :p

i changed the name because it didnt sound Empire-y enough

Battle report, between me and Kavyanshrike (i will sketch some pictures of the board and add them later)

Empire: 10 handgunners with 5 man handgunner detatchment. light wizard with level 2 and channeling staff (he had shems burning gaze and pha's protection)

Tomb Kings: 21 warriors (not sure on equipment), liche priest with level 2 (had the movement and killy wind spells), tomb scorpion

set up: light bits of terrain around the board. handgunners set up right in the middle with the light wizard. warriors + liche set up on the far right (from my perspective)

Empire turn 1: the handgunners were out of range, so moved them forward towards the centre. the light wizard cast the boosted shem's burning gaze and a whole rank of skeletons were wiped off the board :p

Tomb king turn 1: skele's move forward, the liche casts desert wind (a movement spell) with irisistable force, and suffers a wound from the lashback.

Empire turn 2: no movement, why would i :p?, the hangunners hit and wound well, but 5 of the wounds are stopped from the regeneration from the lich, and they only kill one. the wizard is outwitted by the liche while casting shems.

tomb king turn 2: the tomb scorpion turns up and rolls a 25 to scatter!!!!!! then we realized that we were using the wrong dice :( and it only scatter 2", damn. the warriors moved forwards, and liche again cast desert wind.

Empire turn 3: the detachment of handgunners turn to face the scorpion, as does the wizard (coming out of the unit), the main handgunners shoot at the skeles and kill 4. the light wizard casts boosted shem's at the scorpion......irisistable force........11 hits.......8 wounds.........1 saved :victory:, loose 1 wizard level from irisistable, and looses pha's protection

Tomb king turn 3: warriors now down to 5 men, move forward, cast desert wind, move forward.

Empire turn 4: light wizard casts boosted shem's.......kills 1 (makes up for his brillient display last turn i suppose). the rest of the handgunners execute the rest of the warriors and the liche.

250-0 victory points. Win for the Empire.

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Great battle report! however the TK list was illegal. At base value 21 skeletons and the rest costs 274. (Still counts though, don't worry) :)
ye, we realized that just after the battle. oops :p
It was 20 also didn't make much of a difference because he did completely anhilate me but afterwards we checked what the scorpion would of done and killed a handgunner unit with no wounds and that wizard was irritating also can you cast a spell after marching?
ye you can, wizards are unaffected by movement for magic purposes, only if they rally they cant cast spells
here are the new pics of the army.

the whole 10 man unit of handgunners:

front rank:

back rank:

example of the painting:

example of the banner, WIP:

Light wizard, torso:

Light wizard:

so there we go, and C&C appreciated

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I really like the blue and white together mate, definitely looking good. I also really like the blending on the wizards robes. Keep up the good work!
thanks midge, means a lot :biggrin:
have worked on the wizard more, and have done some stuff on a secret side project that i will be revealing later on. pics will be coming soon
does the wizard have a name?
no.....tim the wizard is going to be my fire wizard. now where did i put those skulls from my wood elves??.......
no.....tim the wizard is going to be my fire wizard. now where did i put those skulls from my wood elves??.......
no. kenyon is going to be the arch lector on war alter, pronouncing death and doom upon those who do not follow his way :p
I think you'll find that... *adopts crazy Scotsman voice*

I....... am an Enchanter..........

There are some who call me...........

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