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How you kit out your boyz depends on what job you want them to perform and how they interact with the rest of your army. Here are a few rules of thumb I usually live by.

Slugga Boyz: if you plan on getting your boyz stuck in assaults then take sluggas and choppas. That extra attack is always worth it. Shooting something up before an assault is nice, but if you took a warboss then you probably want to be RUNNING and then charging on your Waaagh!.

Shoota Boyz: if you want to camp objectives or hold mid table with your boyz then take shootas with some big shootas/rokkit launchas thrown in if you have the points. Slugga boyz can only sit on objectives and get shot while shootas can shoot back.

'eavy armor: if your boyz are in trukks then this is almost a must. Trukks are REALLY easy to explode and your boyz will just take too many casualties from the explosion followed by excessive mob rule beatings to be of any use. If you have the points, and your boyz are playing an important role without something a lot meaner to draw fire away, then take 'eavy armor.

Nob: always. Mob rule really isn't that bad and can often work in your favor if you've set yourself up to take advantage of it. A Nob with a boss pole will keep your boyz on the table doing their job. If its a unit designed for assault, then take a PK or BC. If its a shoota blob designed to camp objectives, then why spend 25 pts for a PK you aren't planning to use? Take maybe a BC or something shooty to compliment what the rest of the mob is doing.
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