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What types of heavy vehicles will be available for this expansion in the future. For me what will Chaos be getting.

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A Plague Tower would be great or that Catapult Nurgle had in epic.

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Here is a full summary with the latest rumours:

Apocalypse Rules:

Release is rumoured to be October with pre-release on GD UK

The basic premise is Rules for games of 3000+ points where the focus is on creating a narrative. Dosadi calls it "the polar opposite of tournament play"
Games will reportedly not use the FOC and possibly not Points limits (although the concept of 3000+ points games seems to contradict this rumour). Some insist points are still used and that a player with fewer points than their opponent can restore balance through using extra Strategic Assets (see below)

Some say it’s a huge book (almost if not as big as the Rulebook), others say it’s as big as Cities of Death, whilst some have mentioned the possibility of multiple editions.
The rumoured US$50 price tag indicates a single large book.

Big Red says the new Apocalypse Templates will be released Oct 07 for US$22
-10" circular blast template
-18" flamer template
-linked ordinance template (like the old 2nd edition thudd gun template, but way bigger)
-large "petal" template (this may be the same as 10" circular blast template)

Also released Oct 07 will be the mysterious (and exciting) Apocalypse Big Gun Dice for US$12

Strength “D” weapons
Some weapons will have the option of saying D (for death). Baleanoon tells us the description for Strength D reads something like:
"These weapons are so powerful that they require no dice rolling to wound, any model hit automatically dies, that’s right no armour saves, invulnerable saves, this weapon doesn't care about your dodge save or demonic powers."
Baleanoon also claims that one each of Warhound's and Stompa's weapons have Strength D.

Some rules simplifications have been hinted at, such as any weapon of S7+ ignores armour saves entirely

Super-heavy tank rules
Most say they are in the main book. Some say they could be in a future supplement.
They will supposedly work almost exactly the same way as in the Forge World books, but:
-They “tend to explode in a more spectacular fashion”
-Structure Points may get a boost to make them "almost impervious to non-titan killer weapons"

Titans such as the Warlord, Revenant and possibly others will supposedly see rules with Titan class weapons also supposedly getting a big boost in lethality. It has been suggested that models will be forthcoming, but not until plastic technology catches up with requirements (ie a LONG way off)

Some say Fliers didn’t make the cut, whilst others insist they are in the book including the Thunderhawk, the Lightning and the Valkyrie and that they now do not leave the table.

AA options like the Hydra Flack Tanks and possibly others are supposedly in the book (although if flyers aren’t, it is logical that AA will be absent too)

There have been rumours of a new Land Raider variant called the Terminus which has four sets of twin-linked lascannons

There have been rumours of ally lists; ie SM & guard, Chaos & orks etc.
Some have suggested an Eye Of Terror style Order and Disorder division.

Strategic Assets:

Dosadi has this to say on Strategic Assets:

Originally Posted by Dosadi
Strategic Assets are the Strategems of Apocalypse, but they are so much more than just that. In fact, it's probably the most significant mechanic in the Apocalypse game. Some are played before deployment or at the begining of a turn or somewhere else during the game; like something you spring on your opponent at the right time. Some are like the old strategy cards from 2nd edition or the Random Events, Magic Items, & Dirty Tricks from Blood Bowl.
That's the first major difference between them and Strategems. The cool thing is you can still use Strategems as you could play CoD-Apocalypse game with parts of the table being urban CoD while other parts are typical 40k.
An Orbital Bombardment has been mentioned as a possible Strategic Asset and would use one of the new templates (although early rumours mentioned 6 linked Ordinance templates)


Taking “Formations” of units could reportedly provide in-game bonuses. For example:

Imperial Guard
-Imperial Guard can supposedly field Ogryn Auxiliary Companies, consisting of 3 squads of 5 Ogryns, giving the player a free command squad, and commissars may be attached directly to the units.

-10 Leman Russ tanks earns you a command tank that helps to ignore crew shaken/stunned effects

-Basilisks may have a spotter unit in a similar way to Marine Whirlwinds (see below). Which unit will be the spotter is unclear.

-3 or more Necron monoliths generate a "Shadow Field" giving whatever is inside the formation +1 to we'll be back rolls. Also no psychic powers work within the field.
(The Dude has hereby named this formation the “Stonehenge” formation)

Space Marines
-SM Land Speeders can act as “spotters” for Whirlwinds, giving them unlimited range. It was originally rumoured that these Speeders would be unarmed, but this has been refuted, and they are supposedly regular Speeders with HB or MM..

-Space Marine Council with individual members supplying bonuses such as flanking manoeuvres etc.

-Marines may be able to take 3 vindicators as a unit allowing them to target the same point, using the special 10 inch template.

-Abbaddon may be able to take a very large Terminator retinue

-Tau may get a formation of one command unit, and body guard. 3 Crisis Suit units, and a number of Stealth Suits.

-Special Markerlight options for squadrons of 3 + hammerheads

-Eldar "Windrider Host" composed mostly of jetbikes/vypers. Supposedly grants a pre-game redeployment ability

-Bonesinger may get rules

-3 Wave Serpents may combine their energy fields to reduce incoming fire to a maximum of S:7. Whilst some thought this was a similar field to the Necron “Stonehenge” ability, The Dude thinks the ability will apply only to shots aimed at the Serpents themselves.

-Ork "Kult of Speed" similar to Eldar Windrider Host in that once during the game the entire formation (possibly 30 bikes) can redeploy to ANYWHERE on the board.

These options might come in the form of stratagems

Sneak peak shown:

Some say it is 1 inch larger than the FW one all round. Some say 1 inch smaller.
Reports tell of 3 additional variants:
- Different turret option (some say Yarrick’s personal Baneblade)
- Chaos (some say Nurgle specific)
- Ork
The hull has supposedly been designed with empty sections to make it easier to convert
Has been listed as US$95 for an October release

Ork Stompa
A large kit by Aly Morrison. Reportedly 8 Sprues
Supposedly put on hold until they can work out how to get it onto fewer sprues.

Drop Pods
The usual “problems in production” excuse. Expect to see as a later release maybe with the Blood Angels or Space Wolves Codex whenever they come.
Supposedly there are 3 options
- Standard
- Deathwind
- Dreadnought

Not much known. A possible future release.

A model was seen, but never intended for release. It was made to test the large model production systems.
It’s a possible future release if sales of other large models are good, as they already have it scanned into the computer.

Bregalad has put forward a list of other possible Apocalypse releases:
-Imperial Guard commissars (3 different poses) for an October release
-Imperial Guard Ogryn Although the model shown in the link is obviously a Bone ‘Ead, there are supposedly more than this coming in October.
-New Necron Lord with ressurrection orb. Listed as US$15

-Bonesinger (or Farseer?) on jetbike.
-New Space Marine Masters of the Chapter. Listed as US$35 for an October release
-New Space Marine Veterans. Listed as US$30 for an October release

-Ork Mek with Super Shoota

And some rumoured (far) future releases:
-Eldar Revenant Titan
-Necron Pylon

Space Marine Battle Company
Includes parts for the following:
- 6 Tactical squads
- 2 Assault Squads
- 2 Devastator Squads
- Command Squad
- Dreadnought
- Land Raider
- Predator
- "Extra stuff" like decals
comes in a big wooden crate
Possibility of a bigger, direct-only box containing the sprues for 400+ marines but with just the sprues.

There is also talk of other Multi-tank/big-model boxes such as:
3 Basilisks or 3 Hammerheads possibly priced at 3 for the price of 2
6 or more Ork Dreads or Kans
5 carnifex

These would more than likely be “Direct Only” deals.

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Nice rundown Wraith, the idea of Yarrick's personal Baneblade just ozzes coolness.

Its nice to see a bit more 'realsim' getting into the game - really loving the idea of Spotters. Not really into the Ork Baneblade idea though. Seems a bit of a cop out to me, Stoppa should be cool though.

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I love that new ork model, looks like they're slowly reverting back to the sillier orks of old. (I mean, super shoota? Come on...)

That vet in a three point stance is pretty cool too.
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