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High Dragon Keep. An ugly scar on the mountain to the Wood Elf. Corandril missed the warm, dry forest of his people. This could mountain,with its cold and depressing atmosphere, was utterly at odds with Corlandril. Coming within the keep, Corlandril watched the stocky and short dwarves swarm the area, off doing their work. Corlandril watched the waving dwarven flags and realized this was the Steelhammer clan Modeus had recruited.

Dismounting off his horse, Corlandril saw several figures that easliy appeared at odds with the working dwarves. Two of them were his long lost kin, one a pampering High Elf and the other an obviously vain and arrogant Dark Elf. Corlandril shaked his head, though the Wood Elves were completely neutral towards their distant cousins, Corlandril looked upon these elves with a mixture of mistrust and disdain. Truly the great forest had been better for his people than the other lands had to the High and Dark Elves.

Turning his attention away from the Elves, Corlandril spotted two Men. Raising a suspicious eye, Corlandril looked over both of the humans. One was a bear of a man, bearing many scars across his face, chest, and arms. The other, however, appeared to be slouching, with clear signs of burn scars across his hands. "Humans, a race of children who do not know better" Corlandril thought as he moved his eyes away to the last mysterious site.

"A dwarven warrior for sure", Corlandril thought as he looked over the warrior. A long scar ran across his cheek and the large beard the dwarf had seemed to emplify his presence. The many knots of muscle and scars across his body seemed typical for the stories of dwarves his elders had told. "Dwarves, no respect for nature. Always seeking to build no matter the cost" Corlandril mused disdainfully.

Moving closer to the fellow apprentices Corlandril watched the human named Föstólfr come up to them an introduce himself. "Föstólfr is my name, and I hail from the lands of the kingdom of men, near the mountains." He said

"I am Corlandril, Ranger of the Wood Elves." Corlandril said with terse voice.

After the the greeting was over, Corlandril waited until Modeus appeared and greeted them. Explaining his plans for them, Corlandril listened as Modeus assigned him with the High Elf Theren to research each of their dragons. As Modeus finished his speech and sent them on their duties, Corlandril nodded his head and headed off to the library.

Pushing open the oak doors, Corlandril marvelled at the size of the collection Modeus had. His awe was interrupted as the High Elf entered the room.

"A truly impressive sight is it not?" Corlandril said to Theren before moving off on his assignment

An Hour Later

Corlandril sighed in frustration; Modeus had clearly hidden the book somwhere within the librarium. No matter how many times he looked the through section where it was supposed to be, Corlandril could not find it

Walking through the library, Corlandril decided to take a break and resume his work after a walk to clear his head.

Approaching a window above a desk on the top floor of the great library, Corlandril pushed open the window and let the sunny and cool mountain air clear his mind of stress and frustration. After letting out a refreshed sigh, Corlandril turned around after closing the window. As he stood there prepared to resume his search, Corlandril saw his shadow encompass a small book section that was obscured by the sun. Looking at the books, Corlandril saw in surprise that his book, Green Dragons, A Guide to Taming rested right there. Walking over to it, Corlandril quickly picked it up and sat at the desk with it. A grin splitting his face, Corlandril opened up the book and began poring over the information within.


Yawning, Kalranos awoke to the early morning sun lighty setting on his ember scales. Stretching his legs and small yet growing wings, Kalranos watched as several unknown figures released him from his pen and lead him and his fellow dragons through the keep. After the cold, dank, darkness of the keep, Kalranos was thrilled as the group left the shadows and entered the sun. Kalranos looked over their surroundings: water to swim, a giant mound of dirt, several tables and chairs to jump off, and trees.

Immediately, Kalranos felt drawn to the trees but decided to instead take a quick swim in the pool. Passing several of his kin, Kalranos approached the edge of pool. As he prepared to dive in, Kalranos turned his head as he saw Hildur jump off the chair and into the water. Smiling, Kalranos leaped off the edge of the mound and into the water. For several minutes, Kalranos swam through the water, basking in the sunny rays penatrating the water. After getting back on land and shaking himself off, Kalranos moved over the the many trees surrounding the courtyard.

Joyfully, Kalranos began sharpening his talons on the trees carefully. After he felt they were good and razor sharp, Kalranos moved to a huge tree near the center of the courtyard. Leaping up, Kalranos buried his talons into the trunk of the tree, trying to climb up. As he was halfway up the trunk, Kalranos felt his grip falter and sadly fell back to the ground. For well over half and hour, Kalranos worked hard to ascend the tree in vain.

Picking himself up again, Kalranos tried to think of a way to make it up the tree. Finally, an idea came to him from seeing Hidur jump into the water. Running back to the tables and chairs, Kalranos steadily pushed a table back to the huge tree. After maneuvering it to where he wanted, Kalranos dashed back and dragged a chair in front of the table.

Satisfied things were as he wanted them, Kalranos ran back several feet in front of the table. With a burst of speed, Kalranos raced and jumped up on the table and quickly leapt up on the chair before attempting to use his wings after jumping off the chair towards the tree.

Beating his wings as hard as he could, Kalranos felt himself falling to the ground fast and pushed as hard as he could. Grunting, Kalranos sank his talons deep into the top of the trunk. Bracing himself, Kalranos steadily raised himself above the trunk and into the top of the tree.

Kalranos marvelled at the green leaves and the quiet bustling limbs as the wind swept through the tree. Kalranos climbed throughout the tree for several hours until he felt the presence of several newcomers.

Jumping down from the tree, Kalranos raced through the trees as the scent of meat and other food reached his nose. Reaching the 2 figures, Kalranos examined the dwarf and human. As they gave them their food, Kalranos moved in to eat but felt himself being shoved out of the way by Thorygus. Hissing sharply, Kalranos eyed the gold dragon as he moved in to the other barrel and begin eating.

After filling himself up, Kalranos walked away from the food barrels and stalked back to the trees to see what else they offered

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As Corlandril turned another page, he realized that everything he knew about dragons was not even half a page of Modeus's knowledge

By the time he looked up as dwarf began walking towards him, Corlandril saw that several hours had passed by the position of the sun.

Corlandril closed his book as the dwarf told him the food was prepared and that they should follow him. "The High Lord has commanded that you come eat." The gruff dwarf spoke.

Nodding his head, Corlandril followed the dwarf and Theren to the main eating hall. Entering the room, Corlandril viewed the throng of dwarves, all eating and drinking, with a mixture of awe and disdain.

Shifting his gaze throughout the room, Corlandril spotted High Lord Modeus seated at the end of a long table. As he motioned for them to come closer, Corlandril saw the dirt and soot stains covering his body.

Corlandril took a seat close to Modeus, nodding at the huge man named Föstólfr. Taking his seat, Corlandril turned to Modeus.

"My lord, how goes your labors? I found the green dragon text and am steadily working my way through it." Corlandril said proudly.


After climbing up on a perch in another tree, Kalranos steadily fell asleep lounging in the tree.

An hour or so later Kalranos awoke to the smell of dwarves entering their playground. Climbing down the tree, Kalranos approached the dwarves as they laid out a collection of books. As he looked over the collection of the books, Kalranos felt one title call out to him.The Forest of Ela'Amnor and the Wood Elves.

After a great length of time, Kalranos finished the book and felt a sense of belonging to the forest. "These Wood Elves seem to understand the balance of nature. They do not seek to destroy it for their own ends." Kalranos said to himself

Walking along through the courtyard, Kalranos contemplated what the book said of the Great Forest. One day, I shall soar above the forest Kalranos promised himself.

His reviere was interrupted as a great shadow engulfed him. Looking up, Kalranos spotted the huge form of Zala'Drakhar circling them and steadily come down to them

Kalranos raced over to the huge black dragon with the other dragons and stopped directly under the shadow his head.

"Hello there little ones, are you enjoying yourselves today? I have come to see if you need any questions answered about what happens when your a fully grown?".

"Hello Old One. I was wondering, what do you know of the Wood Elves. Is their forest as great as the books describe them? I look forward to being able to fly to them." Kalranos spoke with reverence

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Corlandril waited patiently for Modeus to answer his question after speaking to a human.

"My labours are going well, but at my current rate they should be finished by the time your dragons are of riding age and size. And you found the book on green dragons? That is good as the Green dragon called Kalranos will be yours, if you want to know what he looks like then ask Föstólfr or Vilhelm." Modus spoke

As Modeus moved on to the other apprentice's questions, Corlandril shifted his gaze over to the human Föstólfr

"Human, what can you tell me about the green dragon" Corlandril spoke slowly. The human's tongue was a base and dull language and Corlanril felt awkward trying to remember the words taught to him when he was young.

After a while, when Modeus had finished with the apprentice's opening questions, the hall began to fill the the noise of loud and obnoxious dwarves having a merry time. Corlandril, unaccustomed to the mountain, felt on edge the whole time. The food he ate sparingly and the beer tasted like foamy water compared to the refined wine the Wood Elves grew.

Eventually, Modeus spoke to all the apprentices at the table.

"The evening meal is one which all of us gather for and can talk about the days goings on, You will have time to ask me or Zala'Drakhar, who will also be joining us along with your dragons, any questions about being a rider and we will also tell you tales each day of what we have done during the last 100 years and the adventures that we have been on. For now everyone feel free to talk among yourselves and eat and drink as much as you like. Though dont drink too much as you will still have jobs to do"

Only one question dominated Corlandril's mind.

"Lord Modeus, how long will it take before we can ride our dragons?"


Anxiously, Kalranos listend to every word Zala'Drakhar said with baited breath. When he had finished speaking with Hildur, Kalranos met the deep penatrating eyes of the elder dragon and felt dwarfed in comparison.

"Well the wood elves I have not had my dealings with myself, you would have to ask Modeus about them. Also the forest in which the wood elves and you green dragons live is the biggest forest in the world, full of interesting and strange creatures, im sure one day you can explore it as much as you like."

Kalranos's heart thudded in his chest as his imagination told him what it would be like within the forest, having hundreds of miles of forest to soar over and nest.

Kalranos came out of his day-dreaming just in time to catch the elder one finish speaking

.....maybe i can bring you all back some deer, cows or sheep for you all to try hunting and killing preys for youself. Would you like that?" Zala'Drakhar spoke.

Something deep inside him sparked at the thought of hunting a deer, though Kalranos couldn't explain why a deer.

"Elder One! Could you bring back a deer? I feel the urge to hunt and I would enjoy bringing one down."

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"Would you enjoy if I called you by the race you represent? I'm sure that you have a name as I have one to! I thought you were thought some respect in the hole you lived in?", Föstólfr furiously answered. Calming down he continued, "The green dragon, green dragon, green dragon, green dra... Ah ye I remember tis one, he is fine indeed, his scales were shining in the sun, they were in the color of the trees, no, more sea like green, at any rate he is green... He has golden eyes and small cute horns are starting to grow from his head."

The human spoke to fast for Corlandril to understand everything he said, but he bristled as he heard the human speak ill of his home.

"You will do well to not speak of the Great Forest so bluntly, Human. Your race is young and does not possess the capability to appreciate or live with the Forest as my people do. Thank you for the description though." Corlandril replied coldly.

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Corlandril watched the heated exchange between the High Elf and the human with growing trepedition.

"DON'T BACK DOWN NOW! You challenge me to a fight and then as quickly as you challenge you go away!! COME ON LETS SETTLE THIS!! You think I'm afraid of your dirty magic tricks then you are quite mistaken! YOU THINK I WOULD NOT MAKE MY NAME IN HISTROY AS YOU DID, THEN I BET YOU I WILL EVEN IF I WONT BE A RIDER! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT Föstólfr THE HIGH ELF SLAYER!!" Föstólfr roared

Corlandril silently unsheated his knife hidden in his robes. High elf or not, Theren was an elf, and no human would besmirch the honor of the elves as long as Corlandirl drew breath. Before any blood could be spilt, however, Modeus's voice echoed throughout the hall after slamming his fist onto the table.

"You will all listen to me, you are to stop these petty arguments, you are going to become Dragon Riders, and to do such you will need to work together, is that all understood?"Return to your tasks. In eight more hours return here for the evening meal in which you will all meet your dragons. Vilhelm, Föstólfr take Kell with you and do some battle stances training. Remember to feed the dragons every two hours but at the moment you wont need to as Zala'Drakhar is off hunting for them. Theren, Corlandril and Valdir, go back to the library and read up more about your dragons as i shall test you later." Modeus decreed

Bowing his head, Corlandril waited until the apprentices began to file out before joining Theren and Valdir. On the walk their Corlandril heard Theren speak in elvish.

"Why would Modeus select a man like that. He is disgusting. Unworthy of my...OUR attention. And he is what? Barely out of his twentieth year? Even that human mercenary, Kell, is a more decent fellow than him. Anyway, good luck finding your book Valdir, that Modeus is pretty good." Theren vented

Corlandril smiled, agreeing with the High Elf but keeping his own counsel to himself.

Returning to the great library, Corlandril walked to his seat and began pouring over the text again. The more Corlandril read about the green dragons the more he anticipated meeting his dragon. Diving into the book, Corlandril devoured as much information as he could.


Kalranos watched the great dragon unfurl his wings.

"I shall return shortly with some live animals for you to hunt and feed on. Now try not to get into trouble while im away." Zala'Drakhar said

Kalranos watched the dragon fly off the keep and into the distance. A part of Kalranos longed to soar through the sky along with him, but Kalanos promised himself that soon he would join the black dragon.

Walking back over to the trees, Kalranos saw several other dragons already there, sharpening their claws and talons.

"This is exiting isn't it? Our first hunt, the chance to eat fresh meat." Fennindier said out loud.

"Yes it is rather exiting, imagine the prey at your teeth every bone cracking under the immense pressure of your jaws, the taste of blood, the taste of meat." Hildur spoke, the anticipation dripping from her words.

Kalranos ignored the responses and avoided speaking with the other dragons. Hunger and aggression warred in his mind as he thought of the hunt. Walking over to a secluded tree, Kalranos methodically began sharpening his claws and fang, ready to hunt whatever Zala'Drakhar brought back.
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