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Zala'Drakhar's voice knocked Kal off kilter, after regaining his balance Kal responded, "Master Modeus has tasked us with your grooming." "Is that so?", Zala'Drakhar responded,"Ahhhhh hahahahaha!" His laughter was not a good sign. Validir turned to Kal and asked, "what do you suppose happened to his former groomers?" "Nothing good no doubt," said Kal. Just as they thought their task was going to be a hard one. As the pair approach Zala'Drakhar he lets out a mighty roar, spreading his mighty wings and creating a massive gust of wind knocks the two backwards. Sliding across the floor Kal grabs hold of a rope tied to a pillar so he could get back to his feet. After pulling himself behind the pillar and catching his breath Kal began to formulate a plan with Validir. They needed a way to get over to Zala'Drakhar, their first idea was to charge headlong to him. It did not go so well, after their first idea was crused they thought of splitting up and taking a long route to get behind Zala and try to gain control of him with the reins. "I'll distract him" said Kal. "On three" stated Validir. Both counted in unison "ONE, TWO, THREE!" Charging from behind the pillar Kal made a run for Zala's saddle while Validir went to get the reigns from the opposite wall. Letting out another roar Zala began to start walking towards Kal.(OOC:I'm going to post this now and edit it later to finish or if cain wants to finish it off thats fine too.)
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