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Spoilers: Kranon will eventually get killed by the Dark Angels librarian. Big surprise there: Chaos loses to loyalists. Great little detail to include in a Chaos publication. Thanks, GDubs.
And weird that they kill off Kranon as he is the front-guy for Chaos at the moment.
Not entirely true. His voices in his head tell him that he will die by the librarians hand and he feels that his fate is sealed. However, in the original short story where he was prophesized to die by his hand in the future, the Crimson Slaughter was not part of the Black Crusade either. So they already altered that story.

Personally it sounds to me as if it is the voices that are playing tricks on him, since the original story where he dies in the future already has been retconned by Crimson Slaughter joining the crusade. In the dataslate it simply states that he feels his fate is sealed and that the voices in his head keeps telling him that he will die by the librarians hand - Not that it is a sure thing. Seeing as the Crimson Slaughters entire story is about them being manipulated, I would dare say that this could be another of those little tricks :)

In any case, the dataslate makes sense if you play with the Dark Vengeance set. If you don't, it is a irrelevant formation.
1 - 4 of 93 Posts
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