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The Advent Short Stories 2014!

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I posted these last years so I have no problem forfilling it this year as well. :) Main-area for the digital products.

Day 1: The Horus Heresy: The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen

The Story:
As Horus grinds the Imperium beneath his boot, emissaries from the XVIth Legion return to worlds sworn to the Warmaster during the Great Crusade to have them renew their fealty. With the Sons of Horus already at battle readiness over Sixty-Three Fourteen, a grim decision must be made...

Read it because...
Witness the brutal methods of re-conquest enacted by the Warmaster and the Traitor Legions as the war for humanity wages on. This Quick Read is a fascinating look at the changes the war has wrought in Horus and the way he is viewed by the Imperium’s defenders.

Well I'm happy that they went out with a HH-related story but I don't know. It doesn't scream "Buy me!" Might be good, but its not that appealing. Anyone who has bought it?
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Looks like today is an audiobook about 'Emperor Sanguinius' and Azkaellon by Andy Smillie

I wonder whose's origin it is thats mentioned in the blurb. Doesnt sound like its Azkaellon himself, but Amit perhaps since Andy also runs the Flesh Tearers?
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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