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The 7 Plagues (Nurgle story)

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This is the story of the 7th Grand Company of the Death Guard Legion after the battle of Emperors Palace:

"We should have stayed loyal!" Ulvo spat out through the mucus frothing out his mouth " We should have never listened to that fool of a primarch Mortarion!"

"Quiet you fool! do you wish to be killed?" questioned Sgt Gallieus as he fired his bolter pistol at the pursuing Blood Angels," Nurgle has rewarded our Legion for defecting, more than the False emperor gave us eh?"

"REWARDS!! what Nurgle gave us was a curse of an eternal plague which racks our bodies with pain!" Ulvo replied as he too stopped to fire his bolter at the Blood Angels killing three of them.

"Well,well,well the legion has no need for non-believers marine Ulvo!" Mortarions voice sounded over the squads vox-casters as a Death Guard thunderkawk roared above them" ALL DEATH GUARD SHALL RETREAT BACK TO YOUR SHIPS ,WE ARE LEAVING!"

"Squad you heard the man back to the spaceport...Now move!" Bellowed Gallieus as he forced his disease-ridden body to run

As the Death Guard marines headed for the spaceport the Blood Angels behind them stopped, in their hurry didn't realize this change and kept on running ,they also didn't see the sniper scouts take aim....
[End of Part 1]

this is my first story how did you think of it?
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As the Ultramarine and Imperial tanks crested the ridge overlooking the Hive city's gates, hundreds of drop-pod screamed down to the surface, landing out side the gates, most disgorging tactical marine squads, but some also carrying Dreadnoughts and Devastator squads.

Then a gruff voice ripped through the clamor of men and machines "All squads get though that gate and secure positions, scout squads are those hidden traitor squads dealt with yet?"

then a chorus of replies came back;

"Breaching, breching"

"All enemy squads disposed of, my Lord"

"Sir, request to fall back enemy Plague zombies are blocking the entrance"

Under his ornate helmet Idaeus blinked in disbelief "Plague zombies? All squads pull back, artillery on my mark......attack!"

And the milling zombies never knew what hit them, but after the guns went silent and the Ultramarines advanced back into the hive entrance all that remained of the large mob of undead were ribbons of flesh, unrecognizable internal organs and blood everywhere.

But that was only the first mob of zombies the marines encountered......
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As the Ultramarine pushed further int the hive the met with more and more plague zombies blocking the way towards the Death Guard lines, forcing the Ultramarines to retreat and launch artillery barrages until the way was clear, but after encountering another large mob the Ultramarine's call for artillery wasn't answered.....

Captain Idaeus existence had turned to flame, The Titans accompanying the Ultramarines were dueling against, two traitor titans had landed with a company of Plague Reapers with them and attacked the Imperial Tanks and Titans while all the Ultramarine armor was preoccupied with the plague zombies below in the hive.

"Ultramarines pull out of the hive, all armor report to my position and open fire on the enemy" the Captain yelled into the vox in his helmet and then his switched the channel and addressed the men fighting inside the hive "All Ultramaines and PDF forces inside the hive thunderhawk transports are en route, we are abandoning the city, evacuate all civilians and wounded before the troops pull back to final defense positions"

Outside the hive the towering god machines were dueling; large blasts of plasma melted the tanks fighting below and with a large detonation one of the Loyalist warhounds exploded.

The fight wasnt going well for the Imperium..............
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Gerran smiled as he heard the Ultramarine's announcement, laughing to himself a he battered through the defense of a Plague marine, slashing across the super-humans chest with his power sword, causing the internal organs of the Death Guard to erupt out and spatter at Gerran's feet.

"Imperial Guardsmen retreat to the palace" Gerran bawled to his Karskin as he ran towards the palace, stopping only to shoot his plasma pistol at pursuing traitor marines, as he sprinted through the door into the palace he saw a large group of plague bearers be summoned into existence and rip apart the remaining guardsmen not inside the palace defenses, and he roared "CLOSE THE DOOR!" and the heavy admantium door slammed down and blocked the moaning Plague Bearers charge.

Shortly later on of Gerran's surviving subordinate officers saluted, "Sir the Thunderhawks have arrived and all the wounded are on board, but the Heretic marines are slowly pushing through the outer defenses"

With a groan Gerran replied "How much longer until the enemy gets through?"

"An hour or less"

"Well contact the fleet and request additional air support for the marines, ask the commander of the Terminators to station his men closest to where the heretics will breach the walls and hold it until I give him the signal, also park the remaining tanks in front of the weakpoint in our defenses and have the engineers rig them to explode when the wall is breached"


The Gerran opened the trunk containing his possesions and pulled out a gleaming, master crafted power sword, and sang quietly to himself as he put on his gilded ceremonial powered carapace armor, and he finished his song and said " By the Emperor and my ancestors I shall not surrender!"
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Gerran walked to the Palace main gates and addressed the remainder of his bodyguard, which were momentarily stationed at the gate, "Men the Enemy are at the gates and we are the last left to fight, so how about it boys lets show them, we are lions among men and we will never surrender!"

"Fine words, Major but needless because your men are all evacuated and we need only you to leave with your general staff" boomed the voice of the terminator chaplain commanding the Ultamarines at the fortress.

"What all the wounded are gone?"

"Yes but barely because the Heretics are nearly through so we need you to move NOW!" the Chaplain bellowed as the wall exploded and Plague Bearers, Plague zombies and plague marines poured into the palace grounds, the diseased hordes smashed into the thin line of the remaining Imperials.

"Major, time to go!" yelled the Chaplain as he pulverized a Death Guard's helmet with his crozius.

"Good luck Chaplain" Gerrard called as he ran towards the Thunderhawk waiting at the landing pad, as he strapped himself into his plush seat next to the pilot, "Go now!"
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you should save this on your computer if your not to make one big story and to prove you wrote it but good job like normal and keep making more
Ulvo watched the thunderhawk disappear into the atmosphere of the planet and saw the Ultramarine terminators teleport in out the corner of his eye, "Well he thought to himself, they escaped, well it doesnt matter another world for Nurgle and another world to command, I'm becoming quite the conquerer"

what the daemon prince didnt see was the trails of fire streaking towards the planet, and the icon they bore.

The Blood God had sent his children to war.
Oh now that is Fuckin Sweet man!!!!

Disfigured heads For the Disfigured Heads Throne!!!!!!
I'd knew you like it.

well here is some more;

Ulvo was snapped out o his reverie by a psychic message from one of his lesser sorcerers, "Lord a force of Khorne berserkers, led by a daemon prince known as Gore Hunter, have ripped through the force guarding one of the fallen Imperial titans and are trying to re-activate it"

"WHAT!" Ulvo roared, frightening a nearby swarm of Nurglings then with a powerful psychic roar he summoned his sorcerers and lieutenants, when the last diseased Death Guard arrived Ulvo started talking, "Men, the dogs of Khorne are trying to take our spoils of war, they are trying to take one of the fallen imperial titans, AND I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT!"

and with a roar Ulvo jumped into the air and beat his vast skeletal wings "SUMMON ALL THE DAEMONS BOUND TO US AND CRUSH THEM!"and Ulvo floated back to the ground.

"Hurry you fools or Lord Gore will be displeased" a khornate warrior hoarsely whispered as he oversaw chaos tech-priest repairing damage done to the titan.

"We are hurrying don't you think we did not hear that roar coming from the south, we know that Nurgle's seventh plague is coming to reclaim this titan and he wont stop until he gets this machine back!" replied the chief tech-priest.

"Of course he is and he is bringing help, wont help though, I am Khorne's champion also, I'm his Blood Herald and I will not retreat from here!" came the rumbling voice of the Khorne daemon prince, Gore Hunter, which sounded like bones crunching together.

"Let them come they shall drown in their blood"................

to be continued.
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Well boys this is the end of this part of the story of Ulvo, so I will not be replying to any posts on this thread.
okay I lied

well i told u a lie I will bring back this thread, but after i do some work on my other ones so this thread is having a semi retirement
The Death Guard waded through the thick swampland surrounding the fallen titan, the thick, greasy sludge covered the traitor marines from head to toe, turning their dark sludge green armor into a dirty brown, as they slowed to a halt, squad leaders directed their men with hand signs, resulting in the Death guard forming a loose circle around the Khorne worshipers, and with an ominous psychic command from Ulvo the warriors of Nurgle advanced, unleashing salvo after salvo into the cavorting berserkers, killing scores of them before the blood-crazed maniacs realized the danger.

Out of nowhere a boom sounded, and hundreds of Khornate daemons erupted into the material universe, between the Death Guard and the World Eaters, buffering the berserkers from the hail of bolter fire, and with a chorus of blood-thirsty roars and hollering the Bloodletters hurled themselves onto the guns of the Death Guard, nearly two thirds of their number killed before the daemons got anywhere near the diseased marines, and the last third dying to a wave of blight grenades, from the second rank, and all the daemons fell their flesh disintegrating and their bones crumbling to dust.

And a triumphant howl split the night air as Ulvo and three Great Unclean Ones materialized in front of the Death Guard lines, surrounded by the greater daemons of Nurgle's demonic minions, and with his tattered wings spread wide, Ulvo charged into the disheartened, confused Khorne berserkers, scything down space marines like wheat, until he reached the centre of the large circle and met his adversary,

The daemon prince Gore Hunter..................................
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Cool but sad Berzerkers dieing to bolter fire still good story
The Khorne daemon prince was colossal in proportion, the lords’ blood-red armour grafted into his flesh, barbs and hooks sprouted from nearly every surface, dripping black blood ichor, probably from the berserker himself.

Sitting upon a bronzed throne, surrounded by khornate daemons, brandishing glowing weapons, Gore Hunter smirked at the slime covered Death Guard and wrinkled his nose when he saw Ulvo standing across from him and asked innocently, “ Yes, Lord?”

“Don’t yes me, scum” snarled Ulvo ,the flies that lived inside his decaying body started to buzz loudly, reacting to their hives unruly emotions.

“Oh, the little boil is angry because I took his toy” replied Gore, mocking his Nurglesque contemporary .

“Well I’m back for my toy and I’m going to get it” and Ulvo charged, rotting ribbons of flesh trailing behind .

Turning and addressing his bodyguards ,Gore directed “Kill the idiot and clear up the rest”

And not bothering to wait the bloodletters rushed towards Ulvo , slavering and howling, Barely breaking his stride Ulvo swung his scythe cutting down three daemons instantly, the rest being swarmed by Ulvo’s symbiotic plague flies.
Once Ulvo’s own bodyguards charged the Bloodletters, Ulvo smashed his way towards the glaring Khornate warrior, smirking at his opponents fury Ulvo retorted, “ Kill the idiot, Gods, you berserkers are simple aren’t you”

“You’ll die for that, you walking pustule” roared the berserking daemon prince, picking up a cruelly spiked, bronze mace and hurled himself towards the bloated Ulvo, swinging a punishing blow at the Nurgle half daemon, Ulvo barely blocked the mace with a dense wall of plague flies, but before Ulvo could deal a return blow, Gore had already swung the mace again, this time the mace burned with a red flame, which burned through Ulvo’s fly shield easily, and the mace cruched noisily against Ulvos side, pulping Ulvo’s rib and muscle into a pus slickened gruel, trapping the mace against his body, Ulvo swung his scythe, cutting the berserker from neck to hip, Gore’s eyes glazed over and the chapion of Khorne died in his own widening pool of black blood.

Once Ulvo's opponent died, the nurgle champion knelt down as his flies covered his wounds, beckoning his closest ad visor near Ulvo whispered, " Pestillens, take command of the company while I heal, If you require me I will be in my personal shrine" and without a further word Ulvo disappeared in a flash of green light....
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nice cool and fuckin sweet all words I can describe that with.
fucking ace
lookin good next part shud be good
Gore Hunter was right zboy you rock
I'll give you some rep when I get the Power
Ulvo FTW!!!
Ulvo sat upon his throne, eyes glazed over as his plague priests, tended his wounds, sewing up damaged muscles, re-knitting bones and replacing damaged amour, all around the room skittered mindless monstrosities, disease ridden zombie like cultists and the occasional, but ever present Nurgling.

Ulvo's eyes cleared and he roared, "This universe bores me, I will return to the Eye and take a world for my own, Pestillens will command the warband for me, i will take my bodyguards and await a challenge worthy of me!"

And without a further word Ulvo's body warped and the powerful Daemon prince, disappeared into a orb of sickly green light and dissipated, and thus ends the seven plagues

will be posting new parts shortly
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