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The 7 Plagues (Nurgle story)

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This is the story of the 7th Grand Company of the Death Guard Legion after the battle of Emperors Palace:

"We should have stayed loyal!" Ulvo spat out through the mucus frothing out his mouth " We should have never listened to that fool of a primarch Mortarion!"

"Quiet you fool! do you wish to be killed?" questioned Sgt Gallieus as he fired his bolter pistol at the pursuing Blood Angels," Nurgle has rewarded our Legion for defecting, more than the False emperor gave us eh?"

"REWARDS!! what Nurgle gave us was a curse of an eternal plague which racks our bodies with pain!" Ulvo replied as he too stopped to fire his bolter at the Blood Angels killing three of them.

"Well,well,well the legion has no need for non-believers marine Ulvo!" Mortarions voice sounded over the squads vox-casters as a Death Guard thunderkawk roared above them" ALL DEATH GUARD SHALL RETREAT BACK TO YOUR SHIPS ,WE ARE LEAVING!"

"Squad you heard the man back to the spaceport...Now move!" Bellowed Gallieus as he forced his disease-ridden body to run

As the Death Guard marines headed for the spaceport the Blood Angels behind them stopped, in their hurry didn't realize this change and kept on running ,they also didn't see the sniper scouts take aim....
[End of Part 1]

this is my first story how did you think of it?
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go make more stories
Primarch Lord, stop double posting, if you want to say something more please edit your previous post. and no offence but that last post was sort of pointless.
I know sorry I was getting points to make my avatar but Im done now
what about:

Suddenly a rift appeared infront of Pestillence (as i beleive it is spelt) and out of it stepped his mighty lord, Ulvo, the deep purplish glow surrounding him in a surreal, entrancing, yet somehow fear-inspiring glow. He roared his triumph and yelled to his minions and enemies. 'I HAVE RETURNED, THOSE WHO OPPOSE ME, BEAR WITNESS TO MY RETURN AND YOUR DEMISE'. All fighting ceased as both friend and foe turned in suprise at the unexpected return of the Warps greatest warrior. An awe inspiring sight, the great demon prince stepped foward into the fray, slashing left and right, the bodies of his sworn enemies sent flying. Limbs flew past his face, blood spattering his armour as his blade cleaved without end, no armour stopping its fearsome swing.

In his blind rage he did not witness nor hear the powering up of a battery of Psycannons, the grey knights most fearsome weapon when facing demons. A flash of blinding light raced towards Ulvo as he span to face his oncoming doom.....
now most of this part of the story goes to OXC for his post ( which is above) which shall be slightly changed to fit into the story, and to all who are following this story, post because I enjoy any reading feed back so heres the next part

As the plague marines manned the defenses of Ulvo's headquarters, the sorcerer Pestillens found himself in charge of the main defenses, his mind wondering back to earlier that day as scouts confirmed that the Inquisitors forces were moving towards their position and aslo that they out numbered the Traitor marines 4 to 1

"My lord, I do believe now is a prudent time to send a raiding force to harass the enemy" Lieutenant Arvello informed his commander

"We shall not " came Ulvo's now almost customary reply " but, however I shall leave the defenses to you and my sorcerer while I and my bodyguard will depart"

"depart" Ulvo's two advisers echoed this seemingly impossible word

"yes, depart I believe I am repeating myself, but I shall return so both of you are responsible to hold this fortress until my return, dismissed" and with his body guards they walked out of the room.


Pestillens snapped back to reality, facing the helmeted face of Arvello "Yes?"

"The assault will begin shortly I suggest you gather your warriors an man your stations" the Lieutenant informed Pestillens and walked away with his bodyguards

"And lets hope we can survive" Pestillens muttered to himself as his summoned his Plaguebearer guards.

The siege began with the roar of a artillery barrage, the shells smashing into the outer walls only ending when there were several breaches in the wall, and then the assault elements of Broelman's forces entered the killing grounds of the Seventh Plagues citadel.

The roar of anti-tank guns, bolters, and heavy bolters filled the air, along with the myriad of airborne viruses coming from the Nurgle lines, many flaming wrecks littered the grounds along the breaches in the wall, but the forces of the Emperor pressed on, suffering horrendous casualities to bolter fire, but many falling to the miasma coming from the traitors lines, until they charged in to the waiting lines of the Death Guard, hordes of crazed imperial warriors charged the Nurgle worshipers, their guns forgotten, knives and swords drawn the attackers ploughed into the defenders, the frontline now becoming a literal wave of frenzied fighting, plagues marines tearing their opponents limb from limb, painfully killing them with rusty weapons, Daemon hunters chanting prayers as they swing their hammers, crushing heads, shattering bones and liquefying internal organs all in the name of a corpse.

As Pestillens dispatched a stormtrooper sergeant by ripping his arms from his body, he heard his plague bearer bodyguards wimper in fear as a squad of Grey Knights charged them, and with a roar he tapped into the warp hurling arc lightning at the daemon hunters, instantly killing two, and tripping three more, he counter-charged with his daemon guards claiming the rest.

Suddenly a rift appeared infront of Pestillen and out of it stepped his mighty lord, Ulvo, and his terminators, the deep purplish glow surrounding him in a surreal, entrancing, yet somehow fear-inspiring glow. He roared his triumph and yelled to his minions and enemies. 'I HAVE ARRIVED, THOSE WHO OPPOSE ME, BEAR WITNESS TO MY COMING AND YOUR DEMISE'. All fighting ceased as both friend and foe turned in suprise at the unexpected return of the Seventh Plague of Nurgle. An awe inspiring sight, the great demon prince stepped and the terminators charged foward into the fray, slashing left and right, the bodies of Ulvo's enemies sent flying. Limbs flew past his face, blood spattering his armour as his blade cleaved without end, no armour stopping its fearsome swing.

In his blind rage he did not witness nor hear the powering up of a battery of Psycannons, the grey knights most fearsome weapon when facing demons. A flash of blinding light raced towards Ulvo as he span to face his oncoming doom.....

finally thats done geez my fingers hurt:p:grin:
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In his blind rage he did not witness nor hear the powering up of a battery of Psycannons, the grey knights most fearsome weapon when facing demons. A flash of blinding light raced towards Ulvo as he span to face his oncoming doom.....

Then without a seconds thought, all the plague flies on Ulvo's body formed a living wall in front of their host, dying to protect Ulvo, and then with a roar of pure malice, the Chaos Lord launched himself at the psycannon wielding Space Marines, tearing through them like a scythe wielding hurricane, behind him Ulzo only left ribbons of flesh, scraps of armor and a river of blood and gore.

And standing with axes ready stood Broelman, already bathed in the stench and grime of battle and blood dripping from a cut in his brow,

"Oy, Inquisitor who gave you that scratch, I believe they just earned a promotion" Ulvo said as he began the circle his foe and his foe's retinue, buying some time, while waiting for his terminators to catch up to him

"One of you foolish subordinates, Arvello I believe it's name was" the old man replied wiping the blood and sweat out of his eyes, turning the side of his cheek a shade of crimson " Oh and if you're wandering he is most certainly dead"

"Good, never did like him, he was getting on my nerve with all his pompous preening, but he was a good lieutenant" Ulvo replied with mock sincerity in his voice, even a attempt at a sad face, which ended looking like his face was falling off his skull, and without looking his parried a sword blow from a raging guardsmen charging towards him, and with the same movement he decapitated his attacker, who's soul seemingly screamed as his deamon scythe drank it "Didn't like him either, did you?" asked the daemon prince looking behind him as he spoke seeing his terminators appear through another warp rift.

"Shall we begin" asked the elderly hunter, lookin to his towering opponent's face

"We shall old man" was the reply

and the enemies and their retinues launched themselves at each other, each man fighting a veteran of many battles and each and every one ripped each other apart except Ulvo and Broelman who fought each other as if they had planned this fight for a long time, each of the combatants fought like they had never fought before, each was evenly matched in power, and as they had many times before they were in a stalemate, neither submitting or surrendering, the daemon in Ulvo's scythe was straining to keep the scythe intact while Broelman's rune axes were starting to show cracks under the strains then something snapped.......

to be continued.
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Thanks for all the positive feedback.... it's really amazing I did not expect people to like my first story since I dont do well in english at school :biggrin::laugh:
It's not necessarily how you write it that matters here, but the story. Your topics are interesting enough that you can captivate our attentions easily.:good:

Although...a little more description and gory effects (that's what WH is all about, right?) would be nice
haha, if you want gore zboy, just pm me. ill write something particularly gory if you want. just tell me the outcome you want.
nah its okay I just gotta learn how to make every battle drip na dooze gory details
The venerable axes of the daemon hunter shattered sending scything shards of shrapnel straight into the large, bulbous body of Ulvo. Most of the sharpnel cut into Ulvo, bringing forth great tides of mucus and diseased blood, but as soon as Ulvo looked up from his wounds, the old daemon hunter had a psycannon aimed straight to the chest of Ulvo.

"By the order of His most holy Inquisition, Ordo Malleus, I sentence you to death, may the Immortal Emperor have mercy on your soul, for I shall not" intoned Broelman, as the high pitched whine of the psycannon's powering up sequence " NOW DIE HERETIC!"

"how about you fool" and the bolter barked once and the elderly inquisitor's head popped like a baloon spitting gore everywhere and covering all combatants in a fine spray of blood and brain juices.

"Damn sorcerer took you long enough, I thought he had me then" Ulvo remarked to his sorcerer as he mopped brain and skull fragments from his face and casually as he scythed a grey knight in two spraying him with arterial blood, just as he cleaned his face of blood " bloody messy it was too!"

"Well now that the old man is dead what do we do with the rest?" asked the sorcerer as he saw the Inquisitor's men surrender, as they saw their leader

"do we have many slaves at the moment?" asked Ulvo


"send them the Plague apothecaries let them have some fun" Ulvo ordered with a grin, knowing that all the guardsmen could hear him.

"at once"

and for many days on Mundus Secundus the screaming of the victims of the apothecaries experiments could be barely heard over the inhuman gales of laughter coming form the fortress, so to the survivors of the Mundus Secundus hunt, would always refer to the planet as Plagues 7, for the moniker of the planets warlord.

But this was all before the 13th black crusade and the Horrors that awaited Cadia's finest..
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very nice. i like it. i take it your going to continue and take the fight to the cadians
The daemon in Ulzo's scythe purred with pleasure as it consumed the souls of Ulvo's victims, the hulking daemon prince grinning with sadistic glee as he watched the bolter attached to his wrist spit death, it's shells detonations ripped into the bodies of the Cadian guardsmen, leaving blood sodden sacks of bone and muscle where guardsmen were standing.

And with a bestial roar, Ulvo and his bodyguard of plague bearers charged through the swinging gates of the hive city, killing anyone who they happened upon, civilian, soldier, it didn't matter they all fell before the groaning plague bearers and the demonic champion of Nurgle.

"3rd squad give me a situation report, 8th squad go reinforce 5th squad's position and will someone give me an ETA for those space marine re-enforcements?" demanded the frantic Major Gerran L Johns in his command bunker, barely hearing the replies from his junior officers over the groaning of the wounded sitting in his doorway.

"sir, 3rd squad reports that their position was overrun and they are retreating to the munitions factory"

" 8th squad has reinforced 5th squad and they are holding for now"

"Sir, I have the astartes commander on the vox-channel" replied Gerran's subordinates, who usually impeccable uniforms was in tatters, and covered head to toe in dust and grime among other filth.

"Major?" the deep voice of the Ultramarines Captain Idaeus asked as Gerran picked up the vox reciever

"Yes, I am here my lord" replied the Major trying to keep the fear from his voice.

"Major, he is what I want you to do; pull back to your city's central command and reinforce it with all your remaining men and armor, my terminators will deepstrike to help the defence, while the armored elements of my force and my remaining space marines will carve a path to your position and await the titans Imperial Fury and War Falcon and then we shall cleanse this hive these traitors" the astartes informed Gerran, who listened with mortification and frustration, despairing at the though of moving all the wounded and organizing a gradual retreat to the central HQ.

"It will be done, make sure your terminators are there and prepared to fight" replied, his voice empty of emotion, the exact opposite of his head which was a maelstrom or emotions, and with a jerk Gerran slammed the vox-caster's handset back onto it rest and he issued short sharp orders to his junior officers and left for the central HQ with the medevac's.

"My lord" came the wheezy voice of a plague marine over the vox-net "the imperials are retreating, do we pursue them?"

Ulvo activated the vox-caster grafted into the side of his head with a flick of a thought and replying "Yes but as soon as we enter the hive, form up defensive positions, we don't want anyone to get behind us and outflank us, Ulvo out" and with a jerk Ulvo ripped the blade of his scythe out of the bulky chest of an ogryn, spraying thick blood onto his bodyguards, after a quick prayer to Nurgle and a nod to his sorcerer Ulvo teleported to the front lines and back into the storm of war.....
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more of the nurgle filth give me more
It just keeps getting better.
Keep Going!!!!!:good:
My Lord, "The Death Guard have engaged the Cadians"
explained the golden dreadnought.

"Gather the men and bring me Trum Lorith hes bean wanting to prove himself after the incident on Cyrious minor" replied the golden wraithlord.
As the Plague marines punched through the weakened defenses of the PDF and harried any lagging guardsmen, most dying without much fuss but the were disturbingly too many who fought back and took plague marines with them, when last imperial outpost fell, the remaining guardsmen went berserk and charged the Death Guard lines, most dying in the charge, but one got past the scything crossfire just to be shot point blank by a bot-pistol, but he survive long enough to drive his bayonet into the traitor head, which spurted acidic brain juices, turning the last moments of the guardsmen's pitiful existence in a orgy of searing ,white hot pain.

But Nurgle replaced his fallen priest, all the guardsmen rose as plague zombies, bolstering the Death Guard ranks, as Ulvo's orders were carried out and the Traitor sons of Mortarion erected defenses, Ulvo's sorcerer,Pestillen, stepped through a portal in the warp, bowing before he addressed the daemon prince

"Lord, I have just probed the Imperial defenses and there are terminators among them, all of them Ultramarines and I gleaned from their minds that there is and armored column heading towards the hive, consisting of a full Baneblade company, the remaining Loyalist tanks and two Legio Ignatum Warhound Titans"

Ulvo furrowed his brow in thought " Call in the legio mortis and tell them that their favorite opponents are here, also contact the fleet and and have the thunderhawks on standby for bombardment and send half of the plague zombies and five marine squads with anti-tank weapons to the main gate and have them hide in cover until the tanks pass and hit them in the rear"

"As you command" replied the sorcerer his eyes glowing green as he tapped into the energies of the Warp and stepped through the portal again, which flared as the sorcerer passed through.

"Well somebody was trying to be smart" Ulvo said knowing his Plague Bearers bodyguards wouldn't care nor understand what was saying "We'll cure them of their disillusions wont we ,master?"

Then the daemon prince started laughing manically.
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Fin Ace Man!!!!! More Gore!!! (even if it ain't Khorne its still cool) Death to the Ultramarines!!!!!!!!!
even being a loyalist, the ultramarines are poofs and deserve to be stepped on :p
by a Nurgle infested titans foot! hahaha lol ok I'll have another few done over today so look for them, because when friday comes I'm back to school and I wont be able to write much
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