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The 7 Plagues (Nurgle story)

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This is the story of the 7th Grand Company of the Death Guard Legion after the battle of Emperors Palace:

"We should have stayed loyal!" Ulvo spat out through the mucus frothing out his mouth " We should have never listened to that fool of a primarch Mortarion!"

"Quiet you fool! do you wish to be killed?" questioned Sgt Gallieus as he fired his bolter pistol at the pursuing Blood Angels," Nurgle has rewarded our Legion for defecting, more than the False emperor gave us eh?"

"REWARDS!! what Nurgle gave us was a curse of an eternal plague which racks our bodies with pain!" Ulvo replied as he too stopped to fire his bolter at the Blood Angels killing three of them.

"Well,well,well the legion has no need for non-believers marine Ulvo!" Mortarions voice sounded over the squads vox-casters as a Death Guard thunderkawk roared above them" ALL DEATH GUARD SHALL RETREAT BACK TO YOUR SHIPS ,WE ARE LEAVING!"

"Squad you heard the man back to the spaceport...Now move!" Bellowed Gallieus as he forced his disease-ridden body to run

As the Death Guard marines headed for the spaceport the Blood Angels behind them stopped, in their hurry didn't realize this change and kept on running ,they also didn't see the sniper scouts take aim....
[End of Part 1]

this is my first story how did you think of it?
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awesome how about writing a present 40k one where ulvo is harassing some planet...:biggrin:
and he died. some bits it just stops you need to give it more description :biggrin:
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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