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A campaign written by me and embellished by my friends.

We are testing out multiple armies against the new 6th Tau, the first is Dark Tau Vs Tau.

First Campaign

Tau Vs Dark Tau

HQ Ethereal
T1 + 2 Firewarriors x11
T3 Kroot x 10
FA 1 + 2 pathfinders x4
Hvy Broadside + Sheild Drone
Elite XV8 x 2 (Fustion blaster x 2 + puretide)

Dark Tau

HQ - Ethereal
T1+ 2 Firewarriors x 11 + 2 Devilfish
Elite SXV (MSSS and C&C)
FA1 Pathfinders x 8 (+3 ion rifles)
Hvy - IonHead


Lying at the curve of a mountain valley sat a Tau training facility. The base rested at a curve and to the north and west lay forests and a tall mountain. Ethereal Y'ing felt the soft southern wind breath blood into his senses and at a start the base went into full alert.

Sensors detected a large detachment of Tau on their position and had shot down outer sentries already and were using the pillar of stone to the north west as cover. Y'ing sent two squads of pathfinders and a single squad of stealth suits to north east to stop them from flanking the base.

Within a few minutes pathfinders reported multiple Devilfish and an Ionhead quickly moving forward supported by an SXV8(support) type battlesuit. Requests for seeker missle support was quickly verified and four missles from the allied Devilfishs streaked into the sky and came down following a ball of fire. The Ionhead was confirmed destroyed, and from the sight of the Broadside gunner R'eal upon the base battlement, put a hole throught the commanders second devilfish which fell with an almightly crash. Within 5 minutes the battle seemed to already be won.

However the enermy Ethereal was clearly unphased by the ordeal and marched his squad out of sight and around the mountain base to the small gully on the far west side.

With Pathfinders and Stealth teams coming from behind and the main bulk of the filthy Tau in front the commander pushed forward and waited near the mouth of the valley, he didn't know why he was doing any of this, it was just something in his mind telling him to continue.

Pathfinder S'oe looked up into the sky and wondered at the particular fierceness of the sun, in a sudden burst of realisation and burns the pathfinders next to him perished. The pathfinders coodinated by the SXV8 scored a devastating blow to the allied squad but they seemed to hold, however the SXV8 pilot had other targets to pursue.

Ethereal Y'ing marched his squad to the forward forest where lay a perfect killzone, the devilfish squad moved up the right flank blocking escape or rescue, and there infront of them lay the enermy, the trap was ready.

As the enermy ethereal and his devilfish came around the corner the XV88 put a bolt of metal through the front and watched it explode in a fireball of destruction. Then the Ethereals firewarriors opened fire and tore the enermies firewarriors he was leading to but four Tau. Happy with the effect the second devilfish firewarriors opened up on the firewarriors stuck in their wreakage, finally the enermy showed fear, hopefully, and ran into the holes and caverns in the mountain range. It would take time to make sure they were all accounted for.

However their were still enermy Tau left, and the SXV8 directed the pathfinders to fire on the loyal Ethereal's firewarriors which in three bursts of Ion were liquified, thanks to the SVX8 the Ion rifles aim was uncanny and missed the trees and melted armour and skin alike. All around Ethereal Y'ing was the death of his Tau, having thrown themselves on him in an attempt to act as a barrier from instant death. One Firewarrior stood and Ethereal Y'ing used all of his power to stop him from becoming insane from the death of his bonded kin. He was shut down and acting subconsciously now, but that would do thought Y'ing.

As Y'ing looked out from the useless shelter of the trees, he saw the enermy Ethereal and his four Tau engage the seven devilfish firewarriors, guns thrown down, ritual blades out, despite being outnumbered Y'ing was humbled by the Ethereals ability to force his feeble unit to continue fighting without fear.

Finally thought the Pi'ous'vre, the alarm had been raised four hours ago and it was now time to add themselves to the fight, despite being armed for tanks, they desended on the battlefield firing hot white lances at the pathfinder team on the mountain that had been wreaking carnage without check. The beams sliced through the armour of two pathfinders and destoryed one of the Ion rifle wielders. Then they took position behind the fighting of the enermy ethereal and his squad, incase they ran.

For the SXV8, there where no viable targets to shoot, and the XV88 had been eyeing them for some time. Despite the savage fighting of the enermy Ethereal, they could not overcome the firewarriors and ran seeking shelter, only to turn and find the XV8 team behind them waiting for retribution.

There was nothing left of the enermy force except the SXV8 and pathfinder squad who were trapped and routed. The day was won.

On further inspection of the bodies metal spiders burst from their heads and were quickly killed, but where this came from, only time could tell.

Battle Notes : The SXV8 (Vre, C&C, MSS, Puretide) with the three ion rifle team was very effective against my firewarriors due to the lack of cover saves or armor saves from the Ion rifles and the blast allowing multiple hits. Very effective against large squads.

The mass seeker missles allowed the destruction of the Ionhead quickly, however only one actually penetrated the AV, showing that having multiple seekers is a good thing.

Second Campaign

Tau Vs Necrons

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The Tomb of C'Pek

Tau Vs Necrons


HQ + T1 + T2 = Ethereal, Firewarriors x11 + Devilfish
Elite = XV8 x 2, Fustion blaster x 4, puretide, sheild and marker drone
Fast Attack 1 + 2 = Pathfinder x 4
Heavy = Broadside, EWS, Shield Drone


HQ = Lord, warscyth, res orb
T1 = Immortals x 10 plus night scyth
T2 = Immortals x 10 (tesla)
Elite = Canopek Wraith x 5 (+1 whip coil)
FA = Flayed ones x 5
Hvy = Annhilation cannon

As the Necron Lord C'Pek pondered his next move against the insects on his world, he realised a primative stealth team was moving up his flank. With a boldness that hadn't left him he flew his troops into the forest nearby and showed the stealth team what true daring was, leaving a single suit left, the poor insect seemed petrified as he didn't run in the sight of such power.

The Canopek Wraiths however misjudged the distance to the hill the firewarriors had taken and were unable to assault. The second thing C'Pek didn't expect was the objective in his hand to suddenly explode, luckly the teams necron metal held.

The Ethereal Y'ing, fearing the Necrons might have gained a foothold in his misjudgement of how he would react to the stealth team realised a turning point in the war. The huge snake like creatures infront seemed to have misjudged their assault and so it one great voice he commanded his firewarriors teams to fire upon the living metal nightmares. The second Firewarrior team seemed to be enjoying the positional relay they found and used it to great effect, in a blink of an eye the Canopek Wraiths were decimated by endless blue bursts of light plasma and marker lights.

The lone stealth commander cursed his arrogance and went with a shout, firing his fustion blaster with reckless abandon he made a one in million shot, the enemies transport exploded, taking an immortal with it, his allies had today died for the greater good.

C'Pek suddenly realised how pesky the child in the shadows was being when he destroyed their transport and left them stranded at the edge of battle. Killing the child was easy, however things seemed to be going against him now. The children seemed to have judged their weapon distances and were keeping away.

Y'ing was happy to see the next part of his plan coming together as the XV8s desended from the sky and blew a hole in the annhilation cannon, all four beams of pure light struck fuel cells inside and detonated, riping the deadly cannon into scrap.

The firewarriors on the hill fired on the tesla immortals hiding in their tomb killing another three with help of their new found positional relay while Y'ing and his firewarriors deployed near a forest to the south of the tomb and meeting their kroot auxilities who had arrived.

With little left to harass the Tau, C'Pek realised he had underestimated his enermy, too late. They had tore the teeth out of his tomb, the Canopeks and Annhilation cannon, which now lay decimated. Left isolated at the edge of battle with his booby trapped treasure he knew he had failed to bring his people back into the day.

Suddenly, sensing flesh and blood spilt, flayed ones phased into reality, only to be met by kroot auxiliries who, helped by devilfish missles, killed three of the delicious looking shiny things, which ran while great noms were had. Who knew this universe had walking buffets!

Y'ings Firewarriors acted as one and coming at the immortals, fired point blank, helped by markerlight the objective was taken and the day was won. Tipping the balance the Tau rejoyed and went home with big smiles on their faces.

Tau Necrons
3 3
3 6 - C'Peks explosive find
3 7 - First blood (Stealth Team)
6 4 - Tesla Immortals killed

I played the stealth team too recklessly, I shouldn't have needed to rely on a lone fustion blaster, however it ended up helping me as he couldn't reinforce his other immortals, divide and conquer.

The broadside didn't do anything, their was no higher ground or good firing lines, which worked against the annhilation cannon too.

22 triple firing firewarriors have wiped the table of 3+ models with 15-17 wounds average so far (+ BS5 marker support)
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