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Test Model (Sanguinary Guard)

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Hi there, all!
I realise its been a while since I posted anything actually painted on here, and thats mostly been down to lack of time to paint anything except warhammer doubles armies.
When it comes to 40k at the moment, I tend to pick things to paint that I think'll look good, rather than actal armies I'll play at a later date. As a result, I tend to paint things I wouldnt use in an army, suck as Sanguinary Guard - the last army in the world I'd use is a blood angels one, but the models are just sooooooo pretty....
Anyway, this is a test model, partly for the colour scheme, and partly to get my eye/hand back in - its been a while since I painted properly, and I've let myself go a little in regards to painting ability.
Any comments/thoughts would be happily received!
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really nice paint job actually. The highlighting on the gun and fist is a bit thick to be honest bu it's way better than what I can do ha. Love the glow off the eyes. Is ther meant to be a glow/reflection off the green jems? I see something ther but not sure if it shoudl be
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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