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Test Battle w/ Fallen

Well, I'm recovering from the move a little farther out from Chicago. We now live in in the suburbs of Joliet....a bit farther south. I have a friend who lives here and he attacked before all my minis were out of the boxes.

The deal? A totally skewed game of Mountain Angels vs. Death Guard.
Here's the setup:

I won first turn, and the carnager began!

My army moved up, and caused some casualties.

Here's the Fallen sniping away at Plague Marines.

His army moved up as well, and killed off a trooper from Squad Hakon


My army killed the Pred with a lucky missile hit.

And Sergeant Corvus managed to blow himself up with his Plasma pistol.

My Chaplin, Command Squad Corvus, Captain Ezekial, and the Fallen charged a CSM squad and turned them into red blobs, and consolidated into the termies.

These are the POWER WEAPON attacks from the CSM slaughter.

And the termies killed off the majority of them, except the chaplin and Fallen...who prompty slaughtered the remainder of the Terminators.

The Obliterator and Chaplin faced off....

And the Chaplin got mushed to paste under a point-blank Las shot. No style points for thee!!

Then the Fallen.....

Who murdered the Obliterator with his Storm Bolter, and a bit of help from Squad Thesus.

All in All, I proved to my friend that he shouldn't mess with the Mountain Angels!


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What?!? Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper? How can you hope to truly game without some go-juice? What, did you slip that stuff to your opponent, or what?

It's really cool that you posted all those pics, by the way. :)

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well....hmmm...HA HA HA HA!!! Those CSM were demolished. Oh and make sure to give the sergeant a pat on the back. Not every day you get killed by [friendly] plasma if u r a SM. only happened once in all my games (wasnt me either XD) a good game, very good indeed.
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