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hey all

so, after painting up a hormagaunt as a test model for my hive fleet, I started on the job of converting tervigons and hive guard. I will also be converting 2 tyrannofexes, and (at some point) 2 harpies. For now though, I have the first tervigon and one of the hive guards from the first batch of 3.

Pictures aren't great because it's dark out, but I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow.

now, I'm not particularly gifted at converting, in fact the tervigon was my first 'real' conversion. I had never used green stuff other than to fill holes and it was a bit daunting at first. The other issue I had is that, being new to tyranids, I didn't have a huge bits box of nid stuff, and neither did I have the money to get a carnifex AND a trygon kit just to make one tervigon. So, I went ahead and tried to make the hive guard solely out of the warriors box and the tervigon out of the fex box. I'm pretty satisfied with them, although I'm a little worried the hive guards may look too short. Maybe I'll stick some rocks on their bases or something to elevate them.

any comments are much appreciated

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