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Terror Assault

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a bit of advice for filling out a 2k list that i've been kicking around. I'm a really big fan of the night lords and with Traitor's Hate out now, I though I'd try it out.

This one's designed to work like the terror assault rite of war from the crusade army list.

Raptor Talon (Black Legion) (918 pts)

Lord with Aura of Dark Glory, Jump Pack and Fisticlaw - 120

10 x Warp Talons - 310

10 x Warp Talons - 310

9 x Raptors with Claw Champ - 178

Purge Detachment or CAD (Crimson Slaughter)

Lord with Aura and Burning Brand - 110

It's at this point that I struggle....it's either:

3 x 10 man Chaos Marine units with 2 Plasma Guns and Icon of Vengeance in Dreadclaws

or 3 5 man Chosen units with 5 Plasma Guns in Dreadclaws

Which do you thing would be more effective?? Guns or numbers? After picking one of the above I should still have ~70 points to flesh out the characters

Any feedback appreciated
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Well, starky, i love the list. I have some concerns and thoughts, though.
1) Warp talons are draining too many points. Also, to gain more benefits from this formation, you should have more units. I suggest you go this way:

-Lord with Sigils , Jump Pack and Fisticlaw
5 x Warp Talons -
5 x Warp Talons -
5 x Raptors with 2 meltaguns , meltabombs
5 x Raptors with 2 meltaguns meltabombs
5 x Raptors with 2 meltaguns meltabombs

2) if you take a Cad or Purge detach, you will be unbound, since to use our decuion you need a core formation, that is Lost and the damned OR a Chaos warband

3) to really use at full power the talon formation, you should deepstrike them. So who's gonne be there turn 1 to avoid auto losing? 'cause your list above, autoloses....( a couple of unids from dreadclaw deepstrike are not going to resist, being this a 2000 pts battle and being them in the face of the enemy. Turn 1 you shuold hide and duck.and pray the dark gods, of course.)

To cover issues 2 and 3 i'd go with a minimum Lost and the damned base (it's the cheapest core choice, plus they respawn. they could represent histeric cults rampaging due to terror and the misleading words of the dark apostle)

then a terminator annihilation force with Sorceror + burning brand, and 3 units of 5 terminators with combiplasmas.

This should leave you enough points for a Purge detachment with a Sorceror and combimelta, 3 5 man Chosen units with 4 Plasma Guns (i always keep an ablative wound for safety) in Dreadclaws. Probably i'd want to take an aegis line with comm relay for rerolling all those reserve rolls and give cover to the cultists.

Sorcerors are there 'cause at minimun points they can have better damage output than a lord. Take double psy shriek and go to town.

I think that at 2000 this should all fit in. Make the calculations to be shure, though.
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I must have miscalculated some stuff, then! i had it at 1300-ish...well, those 250 pts can go in spawns formations and extra cultists with no second thoughts!
About the formations, you are right: you can use them as stand alone. I misread the thing. its also clearly stated on the traitor's hate book, page 114.
So, if you want to drop the lost and the damned...you could add 10 spawns instead :-D
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