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I guess i made a post on the wrong forum, i hope the admin doesn't post it cause after i read the notice in Tutorials, i felt stupid (rule #1: READ ALL STICKY POSTS :p)

I'm looking to make terrain for me and my buddies at home as well as some for the shop down the street so the games are a little more exciting and have more depth and cover.

the real problem is that i don't know how much cover is too much? i was thinking for a moderate horde and a good start would be 3 large hills 3 large buildings, 2 groves of trees and 2 other large cover, then like 8-10 small peices to scatter amongst the field, we play 500-1500pt games so i'm trying to offer as much terrain flexibility i can.

do you think thats enough? is there a limit to terrain? or a good ratio points /to terrain pieces?
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