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Terrain genarator question

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A few years back i found a warhammer 40k battelfeild condition Generator.
It had special rules that were rolled for at the beging of the game on 3D6.
that effected any part/s of the game depending on the result, for example

eg: If you rolled a 354 on 3D6 Chaos maw-all movement thought difficlt terrain became dangurs as the plant trys and eats and your troops.

If you rolled a 364 on 3D6: warp time - everything moves D6", vehicals role 2D6" in the movement phase instead of there standered movement.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this or knows of something like this?

Cheers Vulcan539
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the games workshop site doesn't have it up anymore that i could find but theres one someone here made
Really :( thats sad that gw took it down, I wonder why?

Wombat, it was a list of random rules for a standard game of 40k not unlike the one made by El Mariachi above.
But had included about 300 or so unique effects to spice up a standard game witch covered possiblitys of fighting over ice, toxic, industral, choas, and other types of worlds.
Thank you for checking this out El.
I appreciate your efforts in serching for it :D

If the generator I’m talking about does not show up would you be interested in helping me rebuild it?

Cheers Vulcan539
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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