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Mohawk-Wearing Crazyman
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Trying several methods to create these various barricades and looking into the fascinating history behind them.

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I don't know if it will help at all but I've actually found some model kits that are pretty much perfectly to scale with 28mm stuff.

Which, for 40K, is close enough in my opinion.

One source is the Japanese model company Tamiya. I have some of their kits in 1/48 scale and they're okay with warhammer stuff but the best ones are actually from Rubicon.

The kit from from Rubicon is in 1/56 scale and it is pretty much perfect for tabletop games like warhammer (and specifically Bolt Action) and the best part is the box comes with a bunch of Dragon's Teeth tank traps, also. All for about $20 US (or thereabouts).

Each box contains:
  • Contains 6 styles of dragon teeth in pristine & damaged condition
  • A total of 28 dragon teeth per sprue (84 per box)
  • Sample dragon teeth layout template included
  • Contains 3 Czech hedgehogs per sprue (9 per box)
  • Each box contains 3 identical sprue

I don't know how helpful this is for you but I also love adding that kind of scenic stuff as scatter terrain so I felt obligated to say something.

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