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Terminators with furious charge

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Terminator assault squads can have either tank hunter or furious charge, but wouldn't that mean that they effectly have tanking during their first turn? So isn't it pointless to take tank hunting in an termie assault when its more than likely you will destroyed the tank in one round? (Armed with thunder hammers ofcourse)
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It's a waste of pts to give a unit of th furious assault. +1 init ia wasted and you increase their str from 8 to 9. Having 5 termies with th charge in with 3 attk ea at str 8 is good enuff. Bring along a chaplain to re-roll the misses on the charge. you will get enuff hits and chances to glance or pen. I roll with 4 lightning claws and 1 th in my assault sqd unit. I always bring along a chappy. re-roll to hit on charge and re-roll to wound is insane. I hammer in case a vehicle is in the way.
I was referring to all th sqd. you implied in 1rst post.yes.furious charge is obviously a must get with majority of ltng claw in the sqd. Still best to have a chaplain with though.
best to have riding in a land raider/crusader. if teleport in,then run risk of getting shot up. Init 5 is very helpful.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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