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Terminators with furious charge

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Terminator assault squads can have either tank hunter or furious charge, but wouldn't that mean that they effectly have tanking during their first turn? So isn't it pointless to take tank hunting in an termie assault when its more than likely you will destroyed the tank in one round? (Armed with thunder hammers ofcourse)
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they can have tank hunter right? that gives them a bonus attacking tanks. if there are 5 TH, than they probably will destroy it, but as theyre vets they can still take it, and as a player it makes sure they definately destroy it.

it might be pointless, but it might suit a fluffy army or someone who exclusuvely plays against an armoured complany for exapmle
what other things do you have? id drop all tac squads down to 6 man las/plas and drop a vindicator if you take one. a land raider or LRC is much much better imo.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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