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Terminators with furious charge

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Terminator assault squads can have either tank hunter or furious charge, but wouldn't that mean that they effectly have tanking during their first turn? So isn't it pointless to take tank hunting in an termie assault when its more than likely you will destroyed the tank in one round? (Armed with thunder hammers ofcourse)
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Its not a unit of thunder hammers its two lightning claws and three thunder hammers, i have a conversion in mind for my terminator captain so i don't really want a chaplain, but i will definately consider taking one instead. Can't see how initiative 5 and strength 5 is a waste on lightning clawed terminators though.
Completely agree with you here WoT, having the 8~10 LC attacks especially against another vet squad and other I5 commanders is a bonus, but to get furious charge you really gotta think about how you position your termies in-game and how you use them to make sure you get that charge
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