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Terminators with furious charge

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Terminator assault squads can have either tank hunter or furious charge, but wouldn't that mean that they effectly have tanking during their first turn? So isn't it pointless to take tank hunting in an termie assault when its more than likely you will destroyed the tank in one round? (Armed with thunder hammers ofcourse)
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FYI... Developers have stated before that you may choose to not use the Thunder Hammer, Powerfist, or whatever other weapon makes you Init 1 and use you base Str (5 with FC) at normal Init (I5 with FC in this case) to make your attacks you just woundnt get the benefits of those weapons (ergo no double str or ignoring armor saves). Im not sure where I read this but I believe it was in the FAQ or WD somewhere but I am positive I read it somewhere official. I am just unable to look while at work. Not that it makes it that much more usefull...
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