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Terminators Vs. Chosen

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I have so far only played terminators in my csm force but have heard great things about chosen so have created this thread to gather your views on this subject:victory:.
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alright im a bit of a veteran 3 years of playing and from what i notice is that chosen have a way for paying for them self. dont get me wrong i love terminators the models are awesome and they have 2 up saves but they run for 30 points each not to menchin you will probably mark them and give them weapons and what not. i currently run 3 squads of chosen with plasma guns in rhinos. 5 plasmas in a 5 man squad is awesome space marines cant even do something that cheesy. i whiped a assualt terminator squads all lightining claws and a chaplain with a voley of 15 plasma shots rapid fire courtesy of my lash daemon prince 30 shots hiting on 3 wounding on 2 so they are awesome. but this is an interesting and effective way to use terminators you take a 10 man squad with 2 auto cannons mark of chaos glory. and you place them on the table in front of your rhinos and daemon princes then you move them up the board they give your rhinos cover saves and nothing will assualt 10 terminators willingly but as you move them up you can lash things with your princes and assualt them with the terminators. ive used this method a couple games and it has worked great but i really love chosen cheap affective and you can really cheese them out. also they can infiltrate. so my best advice is play some games with each and see what you like.
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