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Lol yea really sorry about your post. That was my bad. Anyway here is my orginal response before I modsticked the thread

I'm taking it you mean Chaos termis?

The most important thing to decide is what their role on the battlefeild will be.

If you want them as fire support then load up on a Reaper Autocannon and combi-plasma.

If you want Close Combat monsters/infantry killers I'd go with a Heavy Flamer, and then Lightning Claws. And to be honest your stupid is you go with on one lighting claw as you pay the same price for one as you do for both under the new rules. That and a single lightning claw works just the same as a power weapon which you get for free anyway.

For anti-tank I'd take Chain-fists and combi-melta/plasma. Maybe a reaper autocannon.

You will also want to deepstrike all these units if they don't have a taxi on the battlefeild.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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