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Who ARE all you people?

I mean, yeah, I know you are all fans of Warhammer in its various incarnations. Yes, you play X army and have been playing for Y years.
We got that.

But who are you REALLY?

Names are optional of course if you want to remain at least a little anonymous...but tell us a little about the REAL you.

I'll Start Off:

My Name is Jeff Preston
I live in the Madison Wisconsin area (USA).
I'm an IT nerd by day, working on LAN/ WAN connectivity.
By night I'm a mild mannered Illustrator in the RPG industry.

I'm happily married to fellow forum member GeekChic (Katie).
We have two kids: one black lab (Maggie) and a cat (Tedward).

Beyond the Warhammer World I play several RPGs including running a new Dark Heresy RPG campaign starting Sunday. I play several console games (Halo3, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Mass Effect, Fable, ) and computer games (Dawn of War, Empire Earth, Age of Mythology).

We enjoy attending several conventions during the year, including Gen Con Indy and Origins as well as GamesDay Chicago and several local events. This way we keep in regular contact...in person with several of our world-wide friends.

We're regular bloggers (Livejournal and Blogger) and am almost always online.

No longer big sports fans we tend to be wrapped up in our hobbies and hanging out with our local friends whenever we can.

That's about it.

Now it's your turn.


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My actual name is Sean and I am currently in northern New York studying to be an aeronautical and mechanical engineer.

I play practically any game that I can get my hands on. But in general I am your typical geeky college student.
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