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Arrr! you went and messed up a wonderful paint job with the glow effect again. The chest to me is just over done. If the chest vents were done like the ones behind his head this would be a great piece and this is coming from someone that doesn't like Tau. Tone the glow effect down a little more and wow this would be great.

Would you like to see more cinematics effects on the model?
Heck yeah go for it. the flybase force shields are ok but lack something maybe if they had been heated and curved slightly or the shape changed a little it would have added a more dramatic effect. Bullet impacts on the shields could be another option. Because while they are painted nicely I'm not sure they add much to the model. They are just flying bases turned upside down and stuck on the model.

Still good paint just tone down the glow effect and little creativity with the shields and this would be a great display model.
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