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tau v necs help

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now a friend of mine has started necrons and guess what I'm starting tau both army's wont be done for a while so I'm going to do a pre-emptive strike and collect units to counter his necrons things i know
it will be about 1500-1750 points and he will be taking a monolith and nightbringer

i know to go for phase out but i need help deciding on units to counter the monolith and nightbringer as we will probably be playing annihilation so i want them dead any help
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If you want a dead Monolith then get Broadsides or Hammerheads (RailGun Variant) S10 AP1.
They are useful against the Nightbringer too but if they're out then XV8's with high strength weapons like Fusion Blasters.
Strength 8 and above is your best friend here, but as there are only 3 S8 or above Tau weapons, your going to have to rely on a little luck with the dice rolls too.

Railguns are your only choice against the Monolith
MissilePods/SeekerMissiles/FusionBlasters against the NightBringer

Good Luck

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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