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tau v necs help

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now a friend of mine has started necrons and guess what I'm starting tau both army's wont be done for a while so I'm going to do a pre-emptive strike and collect units to counter his necrons things i know
it will be about 1500-1750 points and he will be taking a monolith and nightbringer

i know to go for phase out but i need help deciding on units to counter the monolith and nightbringer as we will probably be playing annihilation so i want them dead any help
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If possible, spam Railguns to take down that Monolith fast. If he's taking both a Mono and the Nightbringer at 1500 pts he wont have much else, so bring the mono down and you've probably won. The Nightbringer is scary, but not particularly dangerous of you can tie him up far enough away from your important units.

Keep in mind that your Fire Warriors have a 6" longer range (3" for Rapid Fire) than his Warriors, so use that to your advantage. With both a Mono and Nightbringer, he will be in realistic risk of Phase Out
Will he have a Lord /w Res Orb? If not, he's in serious trouble. Warriors aren't that great.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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