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Tau Rapid Fire

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One of my mates play tau and just to clear up further arguments I need this question answered:

Can fire warriors rapid fire at 30"
I mean, can they get both shots at 30" when every one gets two shot at 12"

Cheers, Kapeesh
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If the rules required you to fire twice within 12" it would say MUST as opposed to can. The fact that it says CAN means that you may choose to fire once or twice within 12" plain and simple. It does not have to say you can fire once as it has already given you the choice.
Ordo, you after my job? :grin:

BGB, Pg 29, Rapid Fire Weapons

"Any infantry model armed with a Rapid Fire weapon can shoot twice at targets up to 12" away"

The key word here is can. The model can shoot twice, not must. That is the rule right there in plain English and does not say you must shoot twice in any way, shape, or form. The summary does not, and never will, override or expand on the written rule. The fact is that the rule says you can shoot twice which means that you can choose not to. If you couldn't, the rule would say you must shoot twice.

A good example of this is the chaos dreadnought entry on pg40 of the new chaos codex under the Blood Rage rule where it says very plainly that it "must move as far as possible towards the nearest enemy". Must move, not can, meaning their is no choice to be made.

So again, the fact that a Rapid Fire weapon 'can' fire twice on the move up to 12" does not mean it must.
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1 - 2 of 62 Posts
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