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Tau Rapid Fire

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One of my mates play tau and just to clear up further arguments I need this question answered:

Can fire warriors rapid fire at 30"
I mean, can they get both shots at 30" when every one gets two shot at 12"

Cheers, Kapeesh
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If the rules required you to fire twice within 12" it would say MUST as opposed to can.
That would mean your units must fire and have no choice in the matter, the can is to denote you can fire twice or not at all.
As long as you agree it with your opponent you can play the rules however you like, I can't think of many people who would object to you firing once at full range rather then twice at 12", it's merely the RAW that insinuates you can't and given that it's very rare it will make a difference I'd be inclined to allow it
You are targetting a unit. To your sargent the closest enemy model in the target unit is 10" away (you measure from your firer, the sargent, to the closest model which ascertains the range to the target), some of the enemy unit extends to 20" away (somehow). RAW states you may fire twice at a target less then 12" away which this target is or once at targets beyond 12" which this is not. Sargent gets 2 shots as the target is between 0" and 12" and can only kill models in that range. Can't really think of a clearer way to explain that one
*sigh* How can I make this clearer?
An infantry model armed with a rapid fire weapon can shoot twice at targets up to 12" away
If it hasn't moved it may fire once at targets over 12" away

If a target is under 12" away you may or may not be able to fire less then two shots but it's irrelevent as you can only hit things up to 12" away if you fire one so why not fire two?
The target is within 12" that means you can only hit things within 12" if the target was outside 12" it would be single shots up to maximum range.

In my example above the target is 10" away, you get 2 shots as the target is less then 12" away. Whether you could fire singles is irrelevent as you can only hit things between 0 and 12" until there aren't any left. After this you're in the 12+" bracket and you're firing singles at the remaining models at up to maximum range
If you really really want to fire once at 0-12" I'm sure as heck not going to stop you, kind of a waste imo *shrug*

As far as my opinion goes, I'm saying that according to RAW I consider you do, and it's a pointless debate for anything but plasma, but I wouldn't stop you firing a single shot. This is my last words on the matter, I can see the flames rising
1 - 6 of 62 Posts
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