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its pretty simple to take out any army with tau, try this quick list, each army is described, feel free to ask me any specific questions, ill be happy to answer them!

Space Marines - Focus all fire warrior squads on tactical squads, make sure markerlights are able to give you a boost, and make sure you dont split your fire, take one squad at a time, the battlesuits can easily take out the tanks, twin linked fusion blasters / missile pods would make swift work of any sort of tank around

Chaos - focus the fire warriors on the chaos marine squads and deamon packs, but bear in mind most of there heavy hitting deamons are independant characters, so dont score squat for missions, if you can get a instant kill on them, do it, if not, take one wound off and laugh!, same thing with the suits, fusion blasters/missile pods/plasma rifles will make quick work of light to heavy tanks and obliterators

Imperial Guard - haha, you get these as opponents you will struggle to lose!, avoid taking kroot and max out on fire warriors, then let the guns rip, markerlights will aid the death as for example, if your commanders marker hits, its 3's to hit, 2's to kill, uh..i see alot of squished humans!!! and in close combat there stats pratically match!, your only problem is the dreaded basilisk or leman russ tanks, make sure you have either hammerheads/broadsides for leman russes, or sky rays for basilisks, if your against both, pray, thats all you can do really, devilfishes could help against the basilisk, but against a leman russ demolisher cannon, uh....help!

Orcs - you will struggle with this, sure no weapon will give them an armour save, and if your facing a orc tank army, then youll win hands down, but if your facing a horde army, then you are going to struggle, simple method is 5 lines of fire warriors, split 5 inches apart (massacre moves are really gonna struggle getting to the next line in time) make sure 36 guns are pulse rifles, but you want the front and 3rd rows as carbines, on case they get close enough, you can also take hammerheads, launching a few piemakers once in a while (every turn for example) is really gonna annoy your opponent!, just read up my tips for other armies regarding looted tanks

Eldar - your entire game depends on if they are troops or tanks, if they have alot of tanks in wave serpents, then your in deep trouble, and your best bet is a battlesuit army, id say 4 3 man squads, 3 fusions, 3 missiles, and 6 plasma rifles, along with 3 broadsides with plasma rifles, that should take the tanks and any guys rolling out of the tank, but if the opponent is troop based, max out on hammerheads (piemakers) and troops yourself, your guns, if you focus on one squad at a time, should take them out

Dark eldar - basically the same as eldar, except if they have more tanks, then you want a broadside team/hammerhead battilion, otherwise they WILL be in combat on turn 1

Tyranids - 3 words, piemaker, piemaker, piemaker, thats all there is to it really, if you have 3 hammerheads, with railguns and burst cannons, you are getting a large blast template of instant death to most troops, a single shot that will take a blast out of any big guys, and 6 cannon shots should anything get close enough, you should focus more on tanks against tyranids and your first priority is genestealers, hive tyrants and carnifexes after that it is just submunition all the way to take the gaunts out

The Inquisition - oh god are you in trouble!, this whole match depends on luck in most cases, if your opponent has opted to take storm troopers, then its a B.I.G fat piemaker all the way!, but if theyve decided on grey knights/terminators, you are going to struggle beyond belief, all i can say is max out on battlesuits with plamsas and fusions, along with broadsides and hammerheads, seeker missiles would help too, you do NOT want any form of grey knight around for any longer than about 3 turns, if against some sort of assasin, even though it is independant, unless it is the vindicare, then you prioritise your ST10 railguns at it, because i know personally that a eversor/caladus will put you in deep shit! (it was the caladus that made me lose the winter war final, trust me, i know what she's like!)

Necrons - battlesuits with plasmas and fusion blasters are the order of the day here, along with broadsides and hammerheads, but for a twist, you could add some sniper drones into the system, they get no armour save, making it a straight 50/50 if they die or not, and as always, ignore things without the "necron" special rule, they phase out, who gives a dam if he's got a nightbringer, that gits just phased out too, ooooo, what a big meanie! lmao!

Tau Empire - well, i feel sad pointing out my own armies weakness, but i will anyway, if your opponent goes for tank based, then you either match him tank for tank, or you grab some fire warriors with a devilfish, strap on some EMP grenades, and pray he aint got fletchette dischargers!
But if he goes for troop based, well, think of it this way:-
Fire Warrior Armour Save: 4+
Submunition AP: 4
Piemaker Damage: BIG BIG BIG!!!
that enough for ya? hehe

well, tell me if that helped

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Whilst I don't neccesarily think you're advice is bad, looking at you list its good, it could be improved in places.

Number 1 thing is always shoot the nearest threat and prioritise fast moving combat units. So when playing marines, you can effectively ignore the tactical squads (assuming they're static or walking) and prioritise the assault squads and deepstrikers.

Number 2 thing is never get into assault unless you think you can win or hold the enemy up. Its surprising how many people ive played at tournaments that think they'll win when they into assault but then charge stealths or kroot and lose combat. Sometimes you even want a FW unit to be charged just to split the enemy up (although you risk insane bravery happening and screwing it all up).

Another thing i think you've missed is that broadsides are ace. If you play against tau, broadsides will own hammerheads so badly its not funny!

I'd be interested to see why you think tau will really struggle against Grey Knights, they just die the same as normal marines excpet they cost more and have less vehicles!

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Grey Knights die horribly to my Tau :D

I agree with quite a bit here but some things I disagree with. For instance, when facing Nids, the Gaunts are the first priority as they have a possible 24" movement/assault with Leaping. The will tie you up insanely and deprive you of your firing. Same with Ravenors and any unit that can Fleet and take Leaping. After that it is Genestealers, Synapse, Carnifex.

3 Hammerheads is a waste. Always take a unit of Broadsides for the primary antitank/MC duty. Nothing kills a Carnifex quicker than a 3 man team of Broadsides. Nothing.

Your main advice for most of these armies is to shoot the crap out of them, which I wholely agree with. However, as nice as a static firing line is, there is no substitute in the Tau army for the Fish of Fury. Two twelve man squads with rifles, each in a Warfish and backed up by a couple of static units with markerlights will kill damn near any unit in the game almost without fail. The FoF team is a MUST in a Tau list.

One further thing: fusion blasters on suits is an absolute waste of points IMHO. Having a short range weapon like that completely goes against the JSJ ability of the suits and is really not needed in an army that can field multiple S10 AP1 guns at 72" range. Keep Crisis suits with plasma/missle and you will have the most versatile loadout available to them.
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