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Over 20 Tau'Cyr ago, During the Ork Invasion of the Southern Tau Hemisphere of Influence, Del'Narae's parents, both Fire Warrior squad leaders, conceived her near the end of their campaign to rid the world of Tash'var of the green skinned monsters. En'route back to Ta’u, She was birthed on the Air Caste supply Depot of Kor'tuva, which orbited a very uninhabitable gas planet, named Kor'Tuvo.

Being raised as a Fire Caste off worlder on Ta’u was difficult. She had to face ridicule from her peers, as well as her superiors for not only her parents disgrace at failing to follow code of conduct, but the accompanied disgrace of her name. Most other Tau have never heard of the small station she was born on, and it still bothered her to this day when asked about her homeworld.

For a Fire Caste to be born on such a place is often considered disgraceful. From the beginning, it seems that the odds of her success were stacked considerably against her. She might never have been elevated to her position now, if not for a fateful day in her youth.

Her Hunter Cadre had been training in the forested region of Fio'Cea'ka. Her Squad was supposed to be on a standard patrol mission, when a Great Knarloc came crashing threw the tree's, and attacked them. Through sheer determination, and suicidal recklessness, she flung herself between her Shas'vre Trainer, and ended up in its great maw. While her fellow Fire Warriors tried blasting, fruitlessly, into its touch hide, with her strength fading, and unconsciousness closing in on her, she grabbed her vibro-blade from her backpack, and stabbed the massive beast in its eyes, causing it to drop her, and flee.

From that day on, the taunting ceased, and she had begun her long journey to bringing respect to her name. She made it threw the ranks to shas’el but during her ascension to el, she had grown to dislike the ethreals of Ta’u whose ‘good intentions’ seemed out of place. They had tried to slow her progress as to a point at which shas’el Del'Narae believed that they did not like her presence as if she didn’t deserve the position and felt her not worthy. On numerous occasions the high council rejected her application have her own cadre. After many Tau'Cyr the Shas’o of Del'Narae cadre passed away leaving Del'Narae in charge. As this was law, the ethreals could not pass on it.

Like many warriors of the fire caste and civilians, Shas’el Del'Narae was worried of the integrity at which the Tau Empire is keep together by. The Medusa V campaign was a disaster where many fire warriors lost their lives. Questions were raised such as to why was such an expansion (4th phase) called for when the Third Expansion has yet to be consolidated? And what of the Fire Caste’s actions upon Medusa V? These questions circled the media and coverage of the ongoing debate was frivolous leaving no stone unturned.

It was at the height of the chaos in which the Shas’el Del'Narae and her hunter cadre which was under her command decide that the ethereals where not to be trusted and a liability, and thus set out to the western fridges of the empire in search of a new life. Her cadre had seen her efforts to become great only to be turned down by the ethreals. Few apposed and seeing this betrayal of the greater good quickly left, to consult the council. Shas’el Del'Narae knew it was only a matter of time before she would be detained. They left as soon as was physically possible knowing the window of opportunity was short.

Soon they where away and soon near the western fridges. Many queered the destination as to why the enclaves, but what many of them did not know was the burning question which she wanted answered. After breaking the code of conduct Del'Narae’s parents left her on Ta’u and left her to the fire caste system in which she grew up. After many Tau’Cyr she chased leads to which she could find them but all their records were erased. A close friend of her parent had told her they had left to the enclaves in search of a new freedom, no codes and conducts. That was the reason she picked the enclave as the best way to learn about or even find her parents.

The enclaves were difficult to navigate as there where many clusters of asteroids, also the enclaves are shrouded in mystery as commander farsight left the empire sought refuge here. All maps from the archives of the area where distorted to remove planets.

The cadre landed on an uninhibited planet. After sweeping the planet with long range sensors, they had deemed the atmosphere as sufficient to live in. The planet on the archive was called tex’ar and had 3 moons. The planets surface was vibrant with wooded jungle terrain and lush green plains, but of all these it was the great mountain the stood centre, captured the eyes of Del'Narae . From early an early age she was thought how to use features of terrain to her advantage. This was reinforced further by the many lectures commander puritde help for shas’vre.

They set up camp half way up the mountain. Finding a suitable area in which much of the surrounding land was visible. Although the planet was uninhabited Del'Narae set up defensive posts.

For about half a Tau’Cyr they spent searching the distant planets surrounding their base of operations. They meet traders, which they bartered there technology for food supply which was needed for home and the off world teams. Through out their expeditions they found the legacy of farsight showing through the comments and posters which littered the streets of the small colonies. But what struck Del'Narae the most was the view that many held of farsight, where back on Ta’u tales of betrayal and treasury was circled, here they had utmost respect for the peacemaker the drove the green skins away from this place.

Del'Narae keep up her personal search for information of her parents, sometimes leaving the scout group for hours to look up on leads. But she only managed to find that there were a couple that looked like tau that where here many years. Following more secure leads form a gue’rac to a planets moon, lead Del'Narae to merchant trader who had told her that her parents where in search of farsight’s enclave. It all made sense, the ethereals where unsure of her parents and thus her.

Military status soon broke down in the outpost, with no use for warfare and it more economically viable to stay put. They began putting up permanent shelters. Over the Years they became reputable for which traders would go and exchange their good for tau technology. The tau technology was so advance far beyond there level of comprehension that the technology could not be copied.

After lights out Del'Narae went to her quarters and went to sleep, only to awake to large clattering sound. It was far from sunset and the sound was quite loud. She slid out of bed and picked up her pulse pistol and turned round to the door. She froze, in front of her was a towering ork nearly twice her size. Clearly not large enough to be a warboss but looked still as deadly. The ork pointed his slugga at Del'Narae while keeping his choppa at his side. Suddenly the glass smashed and an explosion of light in front of Del'Narae threw her back. She managed through the light to fire a pulse shot that hit the ork in the chest. Spurting blood and howling from the pain the ork leapt forward onto Del'Narae. She reacted fast smashing two more pulse shot into the arm and stomach. The ork landed with a thud. It was dead while it crushed her blood soaked body. A louder explosion rattled the room bringing a wall section down on top of Del'Narae. Bleeding and calling help she fell unconscious from the blood loss.

On awakening she felt a searing pain that shot up her arm. She called out in agony while a sha’la came running in immediately administering a pain killer. While taking in the surrounding of the quarter in which she lay in the shas’la explained she had a fractured her left forearm and would be briefed on the situation soon.

The attack was from an ork kommando mob which attacked at night fall but was apparently only a scouting group for a larger ork force. Del'Narae left the short briefing knowing the full extent of the damage would be found after sunrise.

After scanning the destruction the handful of orks had caused, a shas’la came running to her, he had information from the watch tower which requested immediate attention.

Upon arrival Del'Narae realized the sun had risen and went to the long range video feed which was recording movement at the foothills of the mountain. What Del'Narae saw stunned her, an entire ork waaagh at least 5,000 plus strong. It would be impossible to withstand.

Knowing escape would still ensure death Del'Narae readied her cadre for war. The various turrets and cannons where brought back online. Del'Narae new it was only a matter of time. Her only advantage was the mountain her base lay which was not build for a waaagh.

The first pulse shots rang out like on old memory brought to life. Cutting swaths through the ork’s ranks. When the first of them climbed onto the base taking out a shas’la then was blown to pieces by burst cannon fire from the near by XV8’s. The lower level was soon over run taking out over 50 brave fire warrior with the XV8 retreating higher up. The orks were prolific with each swing of an axe cutting shas’la’s in half and cutting through the XV8 armour. The orks where on there way to over running the second level when an explosion smashed the grounded, causing the base to erupt in flames. It sent hundreds of orks hurling through the air.

Down flew 3 manta destroyers and 2 barracudas blowing holes at the Ork Sea while dropping numerous XV’s. Del'Narae’s cadre managed to kill off the remaining stragglers.

Del'Narae meet with the rescue party to find it lead by Farsight. After much talk and deliberation Del'Narae and her cadre where intergraded into the Farsight enclaves……….

Long and has many mistakes. hope you enjoyed it:grin:
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