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Time for another full battle report. I took enough pictures this time! 1750pts Tau-Dar vs Dark Eldar. This time Matt brings his new project over for a game. How will Vect deal with this army in the 14th Game of his 20 game series? Vote! Who will prevail?

The Tau Dar army:

The Army List:

The Dark Eldar army:

The Army List:

The Mission:
Primary - Big Guns Never Tire (4 mysterious)
Secondary - Purge the Alien
Bonus - First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Night Fight? - Yes

Pre Game Thoughts:
Matt and I have had many battles together. He usually plays some form of power armour, chaos, or space marines, or grey knights. I know he is used to playing these sorts of armies and this concept is a new one for him. This put me at a direct advantage going into the game, I have played about 13 games with the "core" components of my Vect list.
Mission wise the game favours Matt. The deployment style and the lack of much terrain means that he should be able to maximize on the firing lanes and can pull me into death traps if he plays it smart.
As for the pre-game, i rolled forewarning on my farseer for the first roll, this was huge! as the main guardian blob would be safer from all the ignore cover weapons that the Tau can muster. On the contrary, Matts farseer did not roll to hot this meant that for psyker support I was in the lead.

Vote for your favourite! Click on the spoiler below to reveal the full written report!.
Thanks for tuning in.

And now for the Batrep:


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Well, it certainly looked like a fun game! I thought that it was more tightly contested than it seems on second glance, with Vect's abysmal failure to do anything and the fall of all your Venoms.

However, as you said the early incapacitation of the tau commander and broadsides really hamstrung the tau effort, and without them it felt as though the tau / eldar advance was unsynchronised, each monster robot falling relatively unsupported.
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